Share Logistics Company sees revenue growth

IBEX ( sees revenue growth returning. To be more precise, the third-party logistics provider reported positive results after the market has closed. The precedent fiscal year has been a very profitable one for the shipping company, generating more earnings than losses. It is safe to say that the firm is expanding at a rapid pace, taking into account that they have managed to build quite an extensive network. The robust growth of IBEX is the result of providing qualitative services to their customers. Yes, strong customer confidence has made it possible for the company to succeed. It is expected that the organization will add more services, thus meeting the needs of all financial customers.

IBEX is not a new name in the transportation and logistics industry. As a matter of fact, the firm has been around since 2009. Just like other companies in the logistics space, IBEX carefully implements complex operations. The qualified professionals handle the ins and outs of the supply chain, moving all kinds of physical goods. There is not a dilemma that the organization cannot handle. The employees at IBEX ( are capable of providing tailored solutions, regardless of the complexity of the issue. The fact is that the company invests time and money in training employees, teaching them how to meet customers’ expectations and even exceed them. They are not happy until they obtain impressive results. The third-party logistics provider has experience, as well as resources. This is the reason why they are able to bring the goods to the destination fast and cheap.

IBEX ( provides many solutions and services. Mention can be made here of mail forwarding. What the company does is redirect written correspondence and parcels addressed to one location to another one. Anyone who is interested in a virtual post office can count on this organization. There are many benefits associated with this particular service. For instance, having a different mailing address can provide privacy. Last but not least, there are the miscellaneous services, which are available to customers all over the world. Speaking of customers, IBEX’s clients range from individuals to international businesses. The point is that they accept all customers, establishing long-lasting relationships with everyone they collaborate with.

On the basis of the points mentioned above, it is not hard to understand why IBEX experiences revenue growth. The company expects to have a healthy financial situation in the following year. If the trained professionals continue to do a good job, there is no reason why they should not experience further growth. At the time being, we are witnessing the start of the firm’s turnaround story. IBEX is a third-party logistics company that collaborates with shippers in order to manage other companies’ logistics operations, providing people desired results. IBEX helps clients focus on growing their business. Those interested in what the company has to offer can connect at any time. Information, as well as opportunities, is available. IBEX is the one agency that everyone needs in their import and export businesses.