A different kind of fashion

A different kind of fashion


As you start you start your own family, you suddenly realise that your life no longer stays the same. Without realising it changes and it does so extensively, to the very smallest detail. What you discover when looking back to your old life is that family makes you value culture and tradition more than ever before. Once you are a mother, you realise that your job goes far beyond than being a parent. You become a role model for your children and the lessons you offer your kids will come to influence them greatly in their adulthood. Everything you do, say, wear influences them, including the small matter of fashion. So, choose to wear things that have real meaning, that have a strong spiritual meaning. A great example in this regard is the abaya. Today, people appreciate the abayas for their incredible design or fashion, without actually knowing what exactly they stand for.

The meaning of the abaya

This is a cultural piece of clothing. It carries not only beauty but a message that is gladly accepted by Muslim women. This traditional piece of clothing is meant to cover the entire body of the woman and the explanation is simple. Apart from the fact that it is required for the woman to wear the abaya in the sacred book, it is also a way in which wives show their respect to men. By avoiding to wear fitted pieces of clothing, women send out the message that they love and respect their husbands.

A social impact

The abaya does not intend to become a social symbol. This is a traditional piece of clothing and all countries have one. They are different because the traditions and cultures defining countries are different. However, unlike others fashion cultural items, the abaya stands out. The idea is simple. Parents should urge their children to be balanced and respectful in the way they choose their clothes. No one is telling them not be enthusiastic about fashion, but keeping things under control is important. As a mother you could wear an abaya to show your child that going against the fitted trend can have its beauty.

Teaching through fashion

As a parent, you need to make sure that as your son or daughter is growing up, he or she finds a lesson worth understanding and remembering. When wearing a traditional piece of clothing, you could share your knowledge on the country or culture defining that fashion with your child. Teach your children history and tradition through fashion. It is a fun and entertaining way to broaden their knowledge upon the world.