A Man’s Guide to Buying the Best Electric Shaver

A Man’s Guide to Buying the Best Electric Shaver

All men want to have a smooth look without having to devote much time to doing it, and for this to be possible, they must use a quality electric shaver. If you are interested in buying an electric shaver for yourself, read this guide to buying the best electric shaver, and you can head to the store after you finish reading to acquire it.

Electric shavers are a little up there in price, but they do a wonderful job and they give perfect results, leaving your face feeling incredibly smooth.
Any man wants to have the best shaving products, therefore if you are looking for a new electric shaver it’s best to first read this guide to buying the best electric shaver before heading to the store.

Types of electric shavers

There are two types of electric shavers you can choose from, rotary and foil. They both do the same thing, but there are differences when it comes to the mechanism they use to give a close shave, and for you to make a clear and wise decision on which type to go with, you must first know what differentiates them.
Rotary electric shavers are ideal for men who have strong, thick hair growth, and for those who don’t shave every day. They use circular blades that flex to shave all contours closely, and they allow freedom when it comes to the direction in which you want to shave as well.
On the other hand, foil electric shavers are ideal for those who shave daily, having problems when dealing with longer hairs. Foil shavers do their job by using oscillating blades that are placed behind perforated steel foils, and they are the best shavers for fast and efficient shaving.


Mobility in using the electric shaver is extremely important for both your convenience, and for finishing to shave faster.
Corded electric shavers are extremely uncomfortable to use due to the fact that the cord will inevitably get in your way when you are shaving, therefore it’s better to go with cordless or battery powered electric shavers, because they provide excellent mobility.


Another important thing to look for when buying an electric shaver is how good it feels in your hands.
For a fast and pleasant shave, you must use a model that you can manipulate easily, therefore you have to pay attention to the ergonomics of the electric shaver.
The best ones to go with are those that are shaped like disposable shavers, because they fit perfectly into the hands of most people. On the other hand, if you have large hands, it’s better to go with a bulkier model.


Ease of cleaning is extremely important when it comes to shavers, because most men have sensitive skin that is prone to infections if the circumstances under which they shave aren’t hygienic.
Go with an electric shaver that isn’t hard to clean after every use, the best to go with being the foil shaver in this case. Only don’t forget that you have to pay attention for the foil to be protected when you clean the shaver to not hurt yourself.