Birthday party ideas for your children

Birthday party ideas for your children

Throwing a birthday party for your children that everybody will enjoy is quite difficult. Throwing a party, that everybody will enjoy and is at the same time quite healthy, even more difficult. But there are a couple of ideas that might help you become a hero parent for your and other’s children. One of them would be to take them to a football game, but not as audience, as active participants. You first have to find out where to play 5 aside football in London, book the field, and then let the children enjoy. This idea and several others, you will find in the following paragraphs.

1. Plan a 5 aside football birthday party

If you want to push your children to doing more physical exercises, this is the best birthday party idea ever. Also, the parents of the other children will thank you for your initiative. This will require at least ten children to attend the party, and the good thing is that they won’t be needing any type of special equipment. Only a pair of sneakers and a pair of shorts is what they are going to need. They will have all the necessary guidance and while they will have all the fun, they will also be doing some sort of physical exercise. However, make sure you pick the organiser, in order to benefit from a unique experience. Make sure you discuss your idea with other children’s parents as well. There might be a child invited that is forbidden from exercising, and you want to make sure everybody’s safe during your party.

2. Colour run-themed birthday party

Quite a rage for the past couple of years, colour run parties still remain quite entertaining, especially for children. Create your own DIY coloured powder by mixing a cup of corn-starch, with half of a cup of water, food colouring dye. Let the mixture dry and then transform it into a powder again. A fill bags with coloured powder for each child at the party and let them enjoy a unique event.

3. Organise a bonfire party

Want a fun summer party? Well, a bonfire party seems to be quite a great idea. Therefore, prepare the hot dogs and s’mores and if you feel daring enough, you can turn it into a backyard camp party. Only make sure you check with all the parents to see if they are okay with the idea.