Bread Maker Reviews 2017 – Best Bread Machines

Bread Maker Reviews 2017 – Best Bread Machines

If you are interesting in preparing some healthy bread at home, consider investing in one of the best bread makers of the moment.

If you are thinking about buying a bread maker, you should invest in one of the top rated machines of the moment. You might think that all you need is a basic model that can make a plain white bread, like the one you find in any store, except healthier. However, a bread maker can do so much more than just a plain loaf of white bread. If you choose the right model, you can make a wide variety of bread specialties, you can make your bread more nutritious by adding nuts, raisins and seeds, and you can even program the device to start baking at a certain hour. After all, who wouldn’t want to wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread. That being said, take a look at our Bread Maker Reviews 2017 – Best Bread Machines. Pick the model that best suits your needs and your budget.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20

Weighting 22.1 pounds, this is one of the heaviest weight machines that you can find on the market, but it is also one of the best ones. It can prepare two loaf sizes, 1,5 and 2 pounds. It has dual kneading blades which help it deliver a fluffy and well baked bread. It also features numerous settings for different types of bread, such as organic or gluten-free bread. It features different baking cycles, depending on what type of bread you want to make. However, if you just want a classic bread, you can use the quick cycle which only lasts two hours. It’s most interesting feature is the lid heater, which ensures an even baking and a delicious thick crust. It can also prepare other types of dishes such as pizza dough or jam. Last but not least, the unit features a timer, which allows you to delay the baking cycle for up to 13 hours. This means that you can put the ingredients in the evening, and set the device to start baking before you wake up.

Panasonic SD-BMT1000

If you are looking for a small yet efficient, bread machine, this Panasonic unit is the best choice for you. Weighting only 12.3 pounds, this device can find its place even in the tiniest kitchen. However, don’t be fooled by its size as the SD-BMT1000 can prepare a mean loaf of bread. It can bake a loaf in as little as one hour. Moreover, it also features a 13 hour delay timer.

Breville BBM800XL

A medium sized machine, the BBM800XL weights 16.85 and it can prepare a 2.5 pound loaf. What we most like about this particular unit is that it features a smart LCD display, which shows you the progress of each baking cycle. It also has 3 automatic settings for different types of bread. Moreover, crust lovers will like to hear that this machine also has 3 crust color options.