Common Mistakes People Make when Buying a Radar Detector

Common Mistakes People Make when Buying a Radar Detector

By using a radar detector you can learn to stay more alert, avoid speeding or causing accidents. When buying a radar detector you should pay attention to many things and avoid making too many mistakes.

The majority of people that have received a speeding ticket in the past are seriously thinking about getting a radar detector. This small device can be installed in a car and help the user tell if their speed is monitored with a radar gun by the police. So, if you are thinking about investing in a radar detector, you should know that there are some things you must follow or other things that you want to avoid, in order to get best results.

Watch your speed

When driving on the road, the first thing you must pay attention is the speed limit and then try to not go beyond the limit. Accident most often occur when a diver is speeding and not watching the road. So it’s vital, not only for you, but also for the safety of your passengers and other people driving or crossing the road, to watch your speed.

Don’t go through settings when driving

This next mistake is very common and it refers to the fact that many people choose to change the settings in their radar detectors while driving, rather than stopping for a minute or two until they make the specific adjustments. It’s never a good plan to multitask while you are driving, so make sure to keep your eyes on the road only, and not on your radar or other electronic device.

Don’t place the radar detector within eyesight

Another mistake that drivers make when installing a radar detector in their car is that they mount in a blind spot. In order to avoid for specific incidents to happen, our tip would be to try as much as possible to install your new radar detector out of eyesight. This is the best way to mount in properly and in safety.

Using the radar detector in the wrong mode

Using a radar detector is not that easy at first because you need to go through the user manual in order to understand the commands. Many people tend to forget about reading the manual and make their own settings, rather than taking time to make the right adjustments. It goes without saying, that if you use your radar detector in the wrong mode, you will only end up getting false alerts.

Learn the signals and alerts

One of the biggest mistake that people make after buying a radar detector and using it is that they ignore the low signal issues by the radar detector. Most drivers simply mistake it with a false alert.