Common services offered by property management companies

Common services offered by property management companies

If you were not sure how you could benefit from hiring a property management company, you will be surprised to find out how many things letting agents in Staffordshire can do for you and how much time they can take out of your hands:

Market your properties for rent

One of the main problems many landlords deal with is finding suitable tenants for their properties in order to maintain their occupancy rates high throughout the year and thus minimise income losses. The company will not only make sure your properties are always occupied, but they will also prepare the properties for rent, meet with potential tenants for showings and handle all documents involved by renting the place.


Screen and select tenants

Screening tenants is very important because many times renting a property to a person without performing a background check beforehand can result in just as many losses as not having a tenant in the first place. Letting agents will check whether or not the prospective tenants caused any problems where they previously lived, check their credit and rental history and grade them accordingly.


Rent collection

If you decide to hire a property management company, they will be the ones dealing with rent collection, hunting down potential late payments and enforcing any late fees. In addition, will also handle any necessary eviction paperwork or represent you in court if need be. A specialised company can even offer legal advice in the event of litigation or dispute.


Maintenance and repair services

Should you decide to hire letting agents in Staffordshire, they can also handle any maintenance or repair services that your properties might need or your tenants might request. Some companies have their own handymen that they can send in the event of an emergency, others outsource these services, but they will be the ones worrying about these aspects, so you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about any of it, which is one of the main conveniences of hiring a property manager.


Tenant move in and out

The letting agents will take care of the entire paperwork involved by a tenants moving in or out, including drawing up the leasing agreement, collect the security deposit, inspect the unit after the tenants have moved out to determine whether or not they will refund their security deposits back and re-key all the locks.


You may receive even more services depending on the company you choose to work with. As you can notice working with a property manager does come with a lot of benefits and will allow you to have more time for yourself and take care of any other business that you may own. Since there are plenty of letting agents on the market, you should be able to find one suitable for your needs. All you have to do is take your time when performing your research and always negotiate the rates, especially when you have several properties that need to be managed by someone with a lot of experience and resources for this job.