Could this article be the definitive answer to your hypnosis questions?

Could this article be the definitive answer to your hypnosis questions?

Have you ever wondered how it would be like if you were hypnotised? Are you curious how this technique works? Find out the answer to all the questions in your head about this topic by reading this article. Hypnosis is inducing a state of altered consciousness, which means that the person who is being hypnotised experienced a deeper connection with his inner thoughts. When finding yourself in a state of hypnosis, you are still in a wakefulness state of mind, the same as in the case of profound meditation. This was proved with the help of brain activity records. The trance that people enter and spontaneously exit from every now and then when their attention is absorbed by reading a book or working at something is similar with the state of hypnosis. Here are some facts about hypnosis that should answer all your questions:

Why is it mysterious?

Hypnosis is both attractive and a little bit scary, given its unsolved mysteries. All the myths associated to this topic make people believe that hypnosis is a restricted territory that can’t be explored completely. Yet, all the branches of hypnosis have an explanation for each and every question you might be asking yourself. Check this useful resource for more about hypnosis typologies and details related to this topic. It is highly important to meet your own expectations and hypnosis is here to help you achieve that.

Many people tend to feel sleepy when hypnotised and the state induced leave them vulnerable, being susceptible to reveal intimate things about themselves to people they consider strangers. In trance, you remain conscious, you keep the control of your thoughts and nobody can force you to do something against your will. In performances, hypnotists choose people who, unconsciously, agree to put themselves in a hilarious situation. In their personal cabinet, hypnosis is used for client therapy, not for entertaining demonstrations.

What is it used for?

Hypnosis is a very valuable therapeutic tool that has multiple valences is usage. Depending on the needs of each client, there are types of hypnosis especially purposed to face thoughts that are making you feel sad and reconcile with these. For instance, hypnosis can be used to replace unwanted behaviours with healthier ones (smoking, compulsive eating etc.). It can also be a solution for managing pain, stress, fears, to rejuvenate the image you have about yourself, self-confidence or self-esteem.


People should know that hypnosis is not efficient if the patient is not willing to explore his inner thoughts completely. It doesn’t matter how hypnosis is induced or how deep the state induced is. In fact, the only thing that matters is coming in pure contact with yourself, with your thoughts and your problems and finally, solving them. Each person is unique and requires different things. Some patients tend to be less conscious or – on the other hand – to simply “spectate”, keeping a sort of emotional distance. Sometimes, people are not feeling safe entering the state of hypnosis so they focus on relaxation exercises or directed imagery. In both ways, the goal is reached.