Don’t have the money for a wedding planner? Take our wedding advice, it’s free!

Don’t have the money for a wedding planner? Take our wedding advice, it’s free!


Marriage is about communion, love and deep connection with the other half, not about having an extraordinary big budget for organizing your wedding. However, if you still want to create that luxurious atmosphere, but on a budget, we have some ideas that you might find appealing. And you don’t even need a wedding planner for applying those. It starts with finding men’s suit hire, and continues with your backyard, transformed in a stunning wedding reception venue. Keep reading below, if you are interested in finding out more about these tips.

1. Hire the suit, buy an affordable dress

Yes, we understand that you want to look quite luxurious and classy at your wedding, but for managing this, you don’t have to spend plenty of money. Simply hire your suit at a fraction of the price, and invite your wife to search the wide variety of these stores in order to find their perfect dress. Usually they cover all types of dresses, and although they are not for hiring purposes, but for buying, they also come at considerably more affordable prices than they usually would. The prices for a suit hire are somewhere between 55 and 65 pounds, depending on what accessories you require, while the dresses’ prices revolve somewhere around 300 pounds, which as you already know, is considerably less than what you would usually find on the market.

2. Turn your backyard into a wedding venue

If you don’t have the money rent your wedding venue, maybe it would be a great idea to turn your backyard into one. You will have the occasion to decorate it just like you see on those amazing Pinterest boards, without spending the money usually implied by renting a luxury location. Given the fact that you’ll have the location for free, you can spend a little extra on the décor elements you’ve always dreamed about.

3. Make your own wedding bouquet

And because we know that we, girls, always dream about the perfect bridal bouquet, and that we have specific requirements, we suggest creating your own bouquet. Only think about those amazing Pinterest board you find on the platform! Only think about how many flower combinations are laying in front of you! Decide what you like the most and design it yourself!