Enhance your scotch knowledge and drinking experience

Enhance your scotch knowledge and drinking experience


Scotch can be a quite intimidating drink for some people and this is understandable. After all, in order to enjoy an excellent drinking experience, you do need to acquire certain details regarding this strong and sophisticated liquid. Nevertheless, if you are passionate about spirits, you are probably looking forward to embark in a lifelong adventure that will allow you to master the art of savoring scotch. First, you need to become familiar with scotch origin and basics in order to make a distinction between single-malts and blends. In time, you will be able not only to recognize a natural scotch without added colorants, but also to sip it like a professional. Moreover, you will soon buy scotch and prepare amazing cocktails in your own private bar.

Scotch basics

Single-malts and blends: This technical detail will help you discover your tastes and identify the type of whisky before you even drink it. The difference between a single-malt and a blended scotch is simple. For producing the first one, a single distillery combines whiskies from several barrels and different batches, but the finish product contains just water and barley. For producing the second type of scotch, more distilleries combine single-malt whiskies. Of course, the first category may seem more prestigious due to the taste and the price tag, but you should not neglect blends, especially taking into account that some of them may be even more tasty and affordable than single-malts. Shortly, do not judge a book by its cover. Instead, savor any type of scotch whenever you have the chance because this will help you extend your knowledge in this regard.  

Age matters: “The older, the better” seems to be the principle when selecting a good scotch. However, you have to take into consideration other aspects when making a decision including the type of barrels used for the aging process and their provenance. For instance, distilleries use oak barrels, which can be European or American and even if it may sound like an exaggeration, some people do have a preference in this regard. Furthermore, you should avoid at all costs scotch with added colorants, which have the purpose to preserve visual consistency.

Improve your drinking experience

When identifying aromas and flavors, you have to use all your senses but only after you make sure that you savor the scotch from the right glass, namely a tulip-shaped one, according to experts. Apparently, it concentrates the aroma perfectly and it gives you the possibility to swirl the liquid without spilling it.  After you pour the drink into the glass, you have to inhale deeply several times in order to assess the smells while taking into account the woodiness, smokiness, fruitiness, saltiness and sweetness. When you are ready to take a sip, do not overwhelm your taste buds. Instead of drinking it right away, swirl it around your mouth. Do not rush this process because you will not be able to identify and distinguish all the flavors and smells. Feel free to add water to your scotch as long as you do not go over the top and ruin the concentration.