Essential information about German VAT

Essential information about German VAT

If you have a company and you want to make different trades with Germany, you need to know some important aspects that will help you a lot. It is possible that you don’t know anything about German VAT, which means that it is time to learn some essentials about this. German VAT Registration can seem very complicated, but it implies some normal steps. Every foreign company is forced to pay this tax because it is a law that has to be respected. If you are planning to start a business like this, it is time to understand the system of VAT. It is recommended to be very well informed because you don’t want to be surprised by some taxes.

When you know that you should register to German VAT

The most common situation when someone has to register in order to pay these taxes and do everything legally, is when your main purpose is to import goods no matter if it is from inside or from outside the EU. You should do the same thing if you want to buy some goods or to sell them in Germany. If you thought that if you want to sell something on the internet everything would be different, you were wrong. In fact, it is almost the same thing and you have to conform. Every time you want to move some goods from another country to Germany, you have to make sure that you registered to VAT.

How can you get a VAT number?

When you have decided to register, you should know that you will need to bring some documents and sign a few papers. You have to go to the German tax office and ask for what you need. They will give you the forms and will explain you every detail systematically. Only when you will be there, you will understand it completely. You can search for information on the internet but it is better to go there and discuss with experienced people. You will certainly have to prove that your business is registered for VAT. You will also need some documents and articles about your association and of course, the extract from the national trade.

Other important aspects about value added taxes

You need to wait some days in order to manage to register and then you will receive a unique number that proves the fact that you are successfully registered for the VAT. This value added tax is required for everybody who wants to make trade from foreign countries to Germany. Only after you did these things, you can be sure that you are free to make trade and nothing bad can happen to you. You have to respect the law and pay taxes if you don’t want to get into trouble. This measure was introduced in 1968 and it is based on EU directives. Make sure that you received all the necessary information and then think if you still want to have this business because only after you completed you can be patient that everything is legal.