Essential Items to Pack for Your Golfing Trip

Essential Items to Pack for Your Golfing Trip

Taking a golf trip is every man’s dream and if yours finally seems to come true and you have booked your 18 to 36 holes, it’s time you start thinking of what you will take with you for your exciting trip. The fact is that just throwing a few clothes in a bag, like you usually do when you pack will not be enough to make this the perfect holiday and you will have to make a few preparations in advance. Here are the essentials you should have with you on a golfing trip:

A golf rangefinder

Whether you are a beginner or you have practiced this sport for a long time, this is one item that you will be grateful for having invested in. On websites such as you will find accurate reviews of the most popular devices on the market and thus be able to decide which one works best for you. A rangefinder will help you adjust your hits better and essentially be more successful. You will probably be accompanied by a few friends on this trip and even though there may not be an official tournament, it always feels nice to defeat your friends and this tool will help you increase your precision.

A good golf swing analyzer

If you believe that you golf swing could use some aid, than you should not leave home without your trusted golf swing analyzer. If you don’t own such a device, we invite you to visit in order to discover the best golf swing analyzers of the moment. A quality golf swing analyzer will measure your swing while also providing you with instructions on how to improve your swing.

A golf travel bag

You will need something to carry your clubs safely, so a travel bag is a must. You can choose from three options: a hard gold bag which is the best choice if you are traveling by place, a soft case or a hybrid, which is more solid than the soft one, but does not take up as much space in the car as the hard case. Depending on the amount of bags you have and how you are traveling these are the options you have when it comes to golf cases.

Spare golf shoes

If you want to be able to play comfortably you need to have your feet dry at all times, but if the gold if wet for any reason, having an extra pair of golf shows will definitely come in handy. Even though they will take up a little extra space in your luggage, you will not regret taking them.


Even with a cap on, chances are you will still stay in sun throughout the day, so wearing a little sunscreen will make your golfing experience more comfortable. If you get sun burns in your first day, you may not be able to play as well or at all during the rest of your trip, so having a sunscreen with you throughout the day will save you from a lot of trouble. Even if you don’t want to take it with you, be sure to apply it on your arms and face before you leave the hotel and you will still enjoy its benefits.


Chances are you will not be golfing the whole time, so it is always best to have a few other items with you as well. For instance, swimming clothes in case your hotel has a pool or something more elegant for when you go to dinner.