Top 10 Barbecue Grill Brands Worth Your Money

Top 10 Barbecue Grill Brands Worth Your Money

Finding a quality product takes lots of time regardless of the niche we are talking about. However, when it comes to grills, there are a few brands that stand out and have passed the test of time, delivering products of a much higher quality than their competitors, and from these brands, you should acquire your next grill. To learn what are the manufacturers to shop from, read this article.

Summer parties are all about the barbecue. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a promotion or just the beautiful relationship between you and your friends and family members, steaks and burgers are always the best choices to delight your guests. Moreover, the new grill models come beautifully-shaped and covered in shiny finishes which glimmer into the night, so you shouldn’t be surprised that your new acquisition draws the attention of every grilling enthusiast.

The offer is broad, allowing you to choose either a charcoal, gas, electric or pellet model. This decision is mainly a matter of taste and accommodation. However, when it comes to choosing the brand, you should give Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and pick one of the most renowned manufacturers on the market.

1. Char-Broil

Founded in 1944, Char-Broil was one of the first grill makers to set the standards for high-quality barbecue equipment. The first model released by Char-Broil was a charcoal grill, which was considered an important innovation for the grilling techniques of the time. Over the years, the offer became more diverse, with gas and electric models being introduced to the customers. Furthermore, Char-Broil was among the first to use the TRU-infrared cooking technology, which changed forever the way we think about sear marks.

Although all of its products are highly-qualitative, this brand excels when it comes to gas models. Built of stainless steel with incredibly-powerful burners, the Char-Broil gas grills can produce huge heat outputs and reach temperatures of thousands of degrees Fahrenheit which are usually required for professional cooking. Moreover, they are adapted to recent technology and come with smart ignition systems and precise temperature gauges to help you control and monitor the entire grilling process.

2. Weber

Highly popular among buyers, Weber distinguishes itself through reliability and performance. The tradition has started in 1952 and continued until today through a long line of innovations, which were meant to improve the technology and keep it up to date. Therefore, if you decide for a Weber, you will receive a solid construction, specially-designed to last outdoor conditions, and the power of tens of thousands of BTUs. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of innovations, including flavored bars, long-lasting briquettes, and even an app that connects to the grill’s thermostat and lets you know when the food is ready.

3. Broil King

If you are looking for a good propane grill, you will certainly find one within the Char Broil’s wide offer.  When it comes to protection against rust and corrosion, stainless steel is the rule among these grills, and it includes not only the outer layer but burners and grates. Plus, most models come with large cooking areas that can overcome 750 square inches and a number of burners varying between 1 and 6, to match the needs of every user.

The all-terrain casters are nothing but a nice addition, as they give you the liberty to relocate it, every time you need to free some space in your backyard.

4. Lion Premium Grills

When it comes to elegance, no brand can overcome Lion’s sleek lines and beautifully-polished surfaced. Besides that, the aspect is complemented by the power of 2 to 5 luxurious burners, designed to resist the test of time. The wide range of options and large cooking surface provide everything you need for well-cooked steaks and burgers, while the drip-tray prevents the mess from building inside it by collecting every drop of fat. Therefore, if you are looking for the best built-in gas grill, you will surely find it among Lion’s models. Whether you buy it as it is or decide to go for the island option, the high-end technology will very soon pay off.

5. Z Grills

Pellet technology is rather new on the market, but if you decide to experiment its versatility, we recommend you go with the originator. Z Grills was the first to use it, and it’s still the leader in this field. Not only durable and well-crafted, but extremely performant, every model will allow you to grill, roast, braise, barbecue, bake, and smoke any type of food you feel like tasting. Moreover, these grills come with great warranties that spread over up to 3 years so you can rest assured that your investment is a safe one.

6. Bull Outdoor Products

Bull is another renowned brand when it comes to built-in grills. Their models are strongly-built with a 14 gauge 304 stainless steel structure that makes them indestructible. Moreover, the technology includes electronic ignition systems and precise temperature gauges, designed to ease the user’s work.

7. Blaze

If you are looking for a great price-quality report, Blaze grills are the right option, as they combine premium quality with some of the most affordable prices. The structure is all-steal, with strong burners, cleverly disposed to ensure even heating of the cooking surface. Not to mention that they are backed by the best warranty on the market, the one that every buyer is dreaming about: the Lifetime.

8. Napoleon

Started by a German couple, the Napoleon tradition includes double-walled lids and some unique wave patterns on the cooking grids, designed to reduce flare-ups to a minimum. Besides that, most of their grills come with generous cooking surfaces and all-terrain wheels, being perfect for parties where a large number of guests need to be served fast.

9. Coleman

For travel enthusiasts, who cannot live a single day without their favorite steak, Coleman is an excellent choice. You will find lightweight models with foldable legs that can easily fit in the trunk of your car. In addition to that, heavy-duty wheels were added for better mobility, a feature that will come handy every time you go fishing or camping and you need to move your grill around.

10. Cuisinart

If you are thinking that grilling is exclusively an outdoor activity then you haven’t yet met the miraculous powers of an electric tabletop grill. The Cuisinart models are designed to reduce smoke and rapidly cook steaks, burgers, and appetizers. Furthermore, if go with their outdoor gas grills, you will be able to experience grilling at high temperatures to which you can choose to add the flavor of natural smoking.


You can never go wrong with a renowned brand. The years of tradition and innovation are the ones that guarantee the quality of the products, while the fidelity of the customers is proof that the technology used by these manufacturers is the most suitable for home use. Apart from that, the generous warranties that back them reflect the quality of the materials and crafting, so you can be sure that your purchase will pay off in the long run.