Guide to storing and preserving antique furniture

Guide to storing and preserving antique furniture


People resort to self-storage for various items: big and small, durable and sensitive, material and emotional valuable. Antique furniture falls into the category of possessions that owners decide to store at some point in their life, generally when going through changes. These changes may include moving, renovating, downsizing and traveling, among others. The truth is that every person has different reasons for which she decides to rent a basic or climate-controlled storage unit for either a short or a long term. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then you have to know that selecting the right storage unit is very important for ensuring protection for your valuable belongings but taking into account the variety of storage units, you should not encounter difficulties. However, something that exceeds the importance of the selection process includes having the necessary knowledge for properly storing and preserving those belongings.  

Transporting the items and examining the unit

If you are not familiar with the basic tips for prolonging the life of your antique furniture while being in storage, then you should continue reading the article with interest and attention. First, make sure that your furniture items are in perfect condition before even placing them in the storage unit.  If they need repairs, do not overlook this aspect because it will worsen the damage of your furniture during the storage period. After you take care of this aspect, you need to transport the items carefully and once you reach the facility, examine the unit in order to ensure its cleanliness. Dust and leaks represent your worst enemy in this case because they lead to erosion meaning that you need to pay close attention when inspecting the storage unit. On the other hand, your best friend that could help you solve the problem is plastic. Gathering thick plastic sheets and arranging them on the unit floor is beneficial not only for protecting the furniture but also from moving it from one place to another because it slides easily.

Placing the furniture pieces in the storage unit

If you want to make the most out of the space available in the storage unit, then you should consider dissembling the furniture and placing it strategically. You probably already did that at your house when planning to transport the furniture to the facility. Those items that hold more value require even more care so you should wrap them in padding and soft blankets to provide extra protection. These solid pieces with sharp edges might damage delicate items in the storage unit so you should secure the corners with padding. When it comes to arranging the pieces of furniture in the unit, you have to make your decisions based on weight and size. It is obvious, but you have to place heavy and bulky items at the bottom and lighter pieces on the top. However, avoid very high stacks because the objects at the top could fall and break or scratch, which results in unwanted damage. Always keep in mind the fragility of antique furniture and visit the unit occasionally or ask someone close in order to make sure that your valuable items are in optimal state.