Healing Crystals for Stress and Anxiety

Healing Crystals for Stress and Anxiety

It may sound strange to you, but there are certain crystals capable of calming your anxiety and relieving your stress. If your certain situations in your life have reached boiling points, you can bring down the temperature, not by taking drugs, but by the help of crystals. According to Johnny the Healer, that chronic cycle of stress threatening your health and dampening your spirit can be put under control with the right choice of crystals. Check below for some of these calming crystals for stress and anxiety.

Blue lace agate

 It is reliable for calming your anxiety and relieving your stress. It has this beautiful periwinkle color capable of emitting soothing and calming vibrations. It can give you complete peace of mind so that you can relax.  You can hold and meditate with the crystals each day to calm your nerves and also reduce that anxiety.  You can wear the crystals around your neck daily if anxiety and stress are daily occurrences in your life. You can also carry the crystal in your pocket or wear bracelets made of the crystals everywhere you go. 


It is among the most effective crystals around today for relieving stress and calming anxiety.  It is rich in lithium, which has an anxiolytic effect; in fact, lithium is a popular inclusion to drugs used in treating anxiety.  You can connect with this stone to bring about balance in your emotion during chaos and stress.  It is also a unique addition to your meditation.  You can either hold the crystal in each of your hands or place it over your third eye for emotional harmony and comfort

Jet stones

It has been around since ancient times and its use predate that of many other anxiolytic crystals. In ancient times, it was used for protection and removal of negative emotions, like depression, fear, anger, anxiety, stress, and grief.  The mechanism of action is similar to that of an energetic filter. It protects the individual from external negative influences and equally dispels negative energies in the human mind, spirit, and body. It is among the best healing stones for those having a lot of negative emotions and energies.  You can equally carry it around everywhere you go for a complete resolution of that emotional problem. 


The stones above can help a lot in healing you of negative emotions and set you free from their bondage. However, you can get even better help from holistic treatment centers, where you can find a lasting solution to your depression, anxiety or stress.