How to help your child get back into sports after an injury?

Sports injuries are an inevitable part of any athlete’s life, no matter their level of professionalism or what sport they practice. No matter how cautious you are when you are on the field, sometimes, injuries are difficult to avoid due to overuse, overexertion or impact injuries. 

If your child has suffered a sports injury, you are responsible to help them fully recover from the trauma both physically and emotionally. Here are the 3 things you need to do to help your kid get back into sports after an injury:

1.      Discuss with their doctor

Before encouraging our child to get back on the sports field, you need to make sure that their doctor has given you their approval. This may seem an obvious step. However, many parents get fooled by their child’s health condition getting better and their child’s insistence to go back on the field.

Right from the moment the injury has happened, you need to take your child to a medical specialist to understand what is the extent of the injury or damage. Next, you must team up with your child’s doctor to make sure your child gets the necessary treatment to recover healthily.

The sport injury specialists from Rolling Hills Medical explain that” Depending on the type of injury and its severity, only a specialist can determine what type of treatment options are going to be used, be it non-surgical or surgical treatment”.

2.      Discuss their feelings

Even if they are just a child, your kid’s feelings and emotions are a lot more complex than you would imagine. An injury that keeps them away from their passion can have a major impact on your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing. So, it is essential that you encourage your kids to share their emotions with you. Talk about their frustrations, fears, and disappointment and help them cope with their situation. Experts believe that taking your kid to practice even if they are unable to be part of it is a great way to ensure they still foster the feeling of being part of a team. This will also make it easier for your child to return back on the sports field when the injury has healed completely.

3.      Help them regain their confidence

One of the most difficult parts of going back into sports after an injury is regaining your confidence. Your child may feel unsure of returning to the sports field for many reasons. Whether they are afraid of suffering an injury again or they are afraid of not being in shape anymore, your child might display a certain uncertainty in going back into sports.

It is important that you tell your child that failures and mistakes are ok sometimes and that they are a part of the learning and improving processes. So, you must encourage them to forget their previous mistakes and to not feel scared about mistaking again if they return to sports.

Helping your child get back into sports after an injury can be very challenging. However, with your support and the necessary medical treatment, your child will return on the sports field fresh and ready to score.