How to increase the privacy of your home

Your house is your safe haven and typically the place where you spend most of your free time, and while you might have been focusing on comfort, it’s also worth remembering that privacy plays an important role when it comes to creating the ideal home environment. Often, you might feel exposed to intrusive neighbors, especially if you live in a suburb neighborhood, where houses haven’t exactly been built with a keen eye for privacy. However, you can easily take matters into your own hands and improve things in this department by relying on a few effective solutions. From the installation of wooden window shutters to opting for a better fencing option, the following ideas the ones that you should certainly consider.  

Install window shutters

Purchasing a house with large windows might have seemed like a great idea at the time, but once you have realized how easily people could get a sneak peek of your indoors, you might want to control your privacy. Whilst you may have relied on curtains to ensure your indoor privacy until now, this option is not exactly convenient when it comes to proper ventilation and controlled lighting. Shutters give you the opportunity to let natural light as well as fresh air inside any area of your home, without having to worry about leaving yourself open. Wooden shutters are adjustable and easy to install, such a welcome home addition will bring you various advantages, whether it is in kitchen design, living room shutters or bathroom shutters, you can find the right style for you.

Improve your fencing situation

While your indoor privacy might come first, you should not neglect your outdoor area. A simple fence replacement can bring you instant benefits, allowing you to enjoy your favourite outdoor activities (whether it’s soaking in your jacuzzi, drinking a glass of wine on your patio or gardening), you won’t have to worry about any invasion of privacy.  

Plants and trees – natural layout

With a high fence, you can protect against most invasions of privacy but it will not save you from your next door neighbours’ glances, who may have a perfect view of your garden from their upstairs windows. Planting trees and large hedges, will bring extra shade to the outdoor space. By focusing on the right garden layout – planting tall trees and plants –will be enable you to decrease visibility even further, and make your outdoor area almost as private as your indoor one.

If you have been thinking about making the environment of your home that little bit more private, the solutions mentioned above are certainly worth considering, with all being effective and simple to implement.