How to stay sane during final exams?

How to stay sane during final exams?

The time of the year when you will be full-time stressed is close. College is amazing, but when you know that the exams period is only a month away, you start being overwhelmed, because you are not sure if you will manage to get good marks. You should put yourself first, and protect your sanity. Here are some tips that will help you keep your sanity, even during the most difficult exam periods.

Make a list with tasks you can manage

In order to get yourself into the learning mood you should put on your list also tasks that do not focus on learning. For example, you can start with making your bed in the morning. If you are a lazy person it will help, you overcome your condition and become more productive. Make sure that your list does not include only complex tasks, but also easy ones, manageable ones. If you are not able to maintain your mental health, you will not be able to perform at your exams.

Have fun even if you study

Just because the exams period is close, it does not mean that you should not have fun. You should include in your daily schedule a fun activity, because it will help you get rid of stress. Sometime it is the joy of drinking a coffee in town, other times is seeing one of your friends. Simple things and actions are the ones that prevent mental health issues and exhaustion during exams periods.

Establish a post-finals tradition

If you have a tradition you respect every year after you have your exams, you will no longer consider that period an exhausting one. You can go out with your friends at your favourite bar, you can have a shopping trip, or you can spend a day at the spa to relax. You should not drown yourself into learning. When you feel stressed out and overwhelmed you will cheer up if you have someone to support you.

Keep things in perspective

Some students have the misconception that a certain test is the most important thing they will have to accomplish in their life. You should keep in mind that you will follow your path in life, no matter if you are getting good or bad grades. Yes, there are cases when a bad grade can have a great influence into getting the career you want, but if you do your best, you will still achieve your goals. When one thing will not work out, you will always have alternatives to it.