Insulating the basement – advice from the experts

Insulating the basement – advice from the experts

If you are interested in renovating and decorating your house in a modern and creative way, allow us to give you a good tip: so not neglect the basement! The basement is a very important part of the house, even if you may have the tendency to neglect it or use it only as a place for storing old stuff. And the most important aspect when it comes to the basement is that you should take care of its insulation. For example, if you look for basement insulation in Hamilton, you will see that there are a lot of homeowners who have found some creative ways for using their basement after insulating it. If you like the idea, follow these useful tips:

Insulating your home basement – tips from experts


Do not do it on your own, even if you consider yourself a skilled person who has some good abilities for repairing things. But, when it comes to insulating, the best idea is to let experts do their job. Look for a trustworthy company and ask its representatives to handle the whole situation. They also come with the great advantage that you can get your basement insulated in a very short period.


There are many benefits to basement insulation and it’s a smart idea to include this step in any home improvement project. Spray foam is widely recommended as the best material for basement insulation, but ask your contractor about this on your initial consultation to make sure you choose the right thing.


Moreover, experts say that the most common problem when it comes to basement is mould. Because the temperature is not right and rain water can easily infiltrate, mould can appear everywhere. And even if it sounds hard to believe, the basement should be even better insulated than the upstairs because it highly influences the temperature inside your house. And you will also see that your energy bill costs will be considerably reduced if you insulate the basement on time. Last but not least, decorate your basement in a friendly way, so that it can turn into a welcoming, habitable room, not a cold, dark, humid place.

How you can use your insulated basement?


Now that you have decided to insulate your basement, you should think about how you can use it in a creative way. And here they are some suggestions:


  • You can move your office in the basement and save a lot of space from the other rooms. Just think about putting some shelves on the wall, in order to create enough space for your files and papers. Also, do not forget about the lightening system.
  • You can start a small family business in the basement. For example, if you invest in a sewing machine, you can use your basement as a small design atelier for making clothes and decorations.
  • You can move your kitchen there, but be careful to create a good ventilation system.
  • You can create a playground for your kids. And if the basement is well insulated, you do not have to worry that they might catch a cold.