International moving: mistakes that will hinder a smooth transition

International moving: mistakes that will hinder a smooth transition


Every person who ever decided to relocate is very familiar with the most common moving house nightmares, which include not enough space provided by the removals’ company van, the lack of access to the property leading to the frustrated situation of carrying heavy pieces of furniture, additional expense coverage, broken or missing items, late arrivals, mess or damage to the house and not running an insurance check. Undoubtedly, the moving process can prove to be sometimes an impossible mission, especially when moving to another city. People seem to keep repeating the same mistakes, which refer to underestimating the magnitude of the process by not gathering the necessary supplies, mainly packing materials, packing everything without separating items destined for donating or selling from those that will have a place in the second house and worth transporting, not selecting a reliable moving company, scheduling poorly and not packing valuables carefully. Keeping that in mind, what happens when you decide to switch countries?

The biggest mistake: not hiring a professional moving company

Obviously, we are no longer talking about a van because the distance difference is overwhelming. This means that you need an experienced moving company with swift and economic services that will safely transport your antique furniture, appliances, clothes and decorations without hitting you in the face with additional costs when you least expect.  Not choosing a good mover probably represents one of the biggest mistakes people who plan to move abroad make because it inevitably triggers an unfortunate chain of events, which refers to exceeding the time limit, discovering broken items at the arrival or not finding them at all and not being treated professionally. A competent house removal company must have trained employees and provide quality services like using industry-approved materials as packaging, loading the items carefully in a shipping container and sending them to your chosen country, delivery to the correct address within the established time frame and customs clearances.

Other mistakes that could turn a smooth transition into a disaster

Probably an even bigger mistake than hiring a bad moving company is not hiring a company at all and approaching the process on your own. Of course, you are perfectly capable of packing your belongings, but what happens when you have to practically transport every item existing in your current home overseas? People can barely do it when moving to another city. For this reason, preparing in advance in order to cover the costs required by a professional mover is fundamental. In fact, there are many other aspects that you must to consider in advance because waiting until the last minute will only set you up for disaster. Moe specifically, other common mistakes that people make consist in little or complete lack of research, poor organization, insufficient budget, poor communication with the removal company and not identifying the correct measurements of the furniture to make sure that it fits perfectly into the new house.