Learn How to Install a Gas Boiler with Minimum Effort

Learn How to Install a Gas Boiler with Minimum Effort

A gas boiler is a great addition to your house that will allow you to have hot water every time you need it. Installing it might sound difficult, but with the right assistance and knowing the exact steps, you will manage to have your boiler running in no time.

When you choose your gas boiler, consider your family’s needs, your budget, as well as the installation possibilities of your home. In case the model you choose doesn’t include several accessories like pumps or vents, you must make sure you order them separately so you will have everything in order. Once you have everything you need, you can start installing it by following the steps described below.

Decide on an adequate installation area

The area where you are about to install the boiler is very important and you have to make sure everything is in perfect condition. You will need to have water, electricity and gas within reach and no flammable substance should be located nearby the installation area. Also, the gas boiler must have an external vent that will ensure a safe operating and you will have to provide easy access for maintenance.

Consider asking for professional help

When it’s time to install your boiler and you are not convinced that you can perform the installation yourself, you can always resort to the help of a professional boiler installation company. If you live in London, you will have a lot of choices. In order to make the pick the right boiler installation London services, look for a company provides you with everything you need in terms of installation, service, and repairs for a wide range of gas boilers.

Water connections

If you pick a reputable boiler installation London company, you will enjoy the services of professional technicians with a wide experience, so you will know that the installation has been performed under optimal conditions. However, if you do decide to do everything by yourself, you better have some decent plumbing skills. The next step is to ensure your boiler will receive the water it will later heat so you will have to create a feed and return for the water. If you don’t choose to install flow-checks on the feed and circulators on the return, you can install zone valves. The most important thing is to use the right width of piping and the right number of circulators so the water pump that delivers the water to the boiler will operate smoothly.

Install a cent

Once the water piping is installed, you will have to design the vent that will make sure the boiler will work under perfect safety conditions. To choose the right vent, you will have to check the installation manual so the vent chosen will match the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Connect the gas supply

Next, you will have to connect the gas supply and you must make sure this step will be performed safely by a professional licensed to handle a gas supply. Gas boilers work on either propane or natural gas so you will have to check the manufacturer’s manual to clarify this detail. Once you have performed all these steps, your boiler is ready to be filled with water. Set the pressure between 18 and 22 psi so the boiler will work properly.