Learn the Proper Way of Using Your Bread Maker

Learn the Proper Way of Using Your Bread Maker

Do you have a bread maker but you didn’t actually figure out how to use it by now? In this case, this article will be of great help because it includes everything you have to know about your bread maker, starting with its components and ending with the order of the ingredients. This way, you will learn the proper way of using your bread maker.

Getting to know your bread maker is an important step in learning how to properly use it, so the bread resulted will look and taste delicious. You don’t need to own the best rated bread-machine in 2016 in order to make delicious bread, as your older bread machine probably still holds some secrets. All the settings, the components, and the instructions are essential in every process of the unit and you must know what each of it is designed for. Therefore, take some time and read this article that will help you learn the right way of using your bread maker.

    • The bread maker includes a lid probably with a window on it so you can see inside, a control panel that contains the buttons, and the lower part that hold the pan with one or more kneading paddles. The bread maker should have all the components before you start using it, so make sure you put each of them in their place. You have to know that the bread pan and the kneading paddles are removable by simply pulling them out.
    • Knowing the bread recipe is very helpful because it will help you choose the right kneading and baking settings, as well as the number of ingredients you need to use. Most bread makers come with recipe books that make your job a lot easier as they show you the instructions step by step. The settings of the unit match most of the recipes you can prepare, so get used to them.
  • First, you will have to select the type of bread you want to make from the list you will find written on the control panel. Most bread makers include Basic, Whole Wheat, Sweet, French, and Dough, but you can also find other types of bread displayed on the buttons. Each button starts a kneading, growing, and baking cycle with established time intervals. You will also have to select the size of the load, which can vary between 1 and 2 pounds. Then, it’s time to select the crust setting from 3 available options, namely light, medium, and dark, depending on how you like the crust, and adjust the timer by calculating how much time before you want the bread to be ready.
  • The ingredients must be placed in the exact order specified in the recipe and it’s very important that the yeast doesn’t touch the liquid ingredients because it will activate and create a mess inside the bread maker. Put the liquids in first, at room temperature, then add the flour, the other dry ingredients like sugar, salt, and seeds, and put the yeast last. Once everything is in place and you went through all the steps, it’s time to close the lid, press start, and let the bread maker do its magic.