Learn what to do when the debt collector calls

Learn what to do when the debt collector calls


Being in debt is truly scary. You receive calls out of the blue from debt collectors demanding that you pay your late invoice. There is not a single person in London that does not fear such calls. It is only normal to start panicking when you see the number of a company specialising in late invoice collection London on your phone, considering the stories you may have heard. But getting into a dialog with an agency recovering money is not a bad thing. There is no reason to ever fear a debt collector. People chasing after money offer flexible payment plans. Yet, if you do receive the dreaded call, this is what you should do.

Be sure you have time to talk

Many say that is it better to avoid talking to debt collectors. Why? Because some of them are downright rude. While it is true that such examples exist, they are mere exceptions. Generally speaking, people recovering money are friendly and polite. It is in their best interest to be this say. If they would act like jerks, they would not be able to convince debtors to pay their late invoices. If you receive a call, make sure to take it. By hiding your whereabouts, you will not prevent the agency from recovering payment. If you do not have time for discussions, the say you will call back another time.

Arm yourself with pen and paper

You may wonder what you will be needing the pen and paper for. You will need to have details like the amount you owe at hand and the name and address of the collection agency. Other details you should be asking for is the name of the original creditor and how you can resolve this issue. You will not encounter problems because debt collectors are required by law to provide you this kind of information.

Try settling with the debt collector

You forgot to pay your invoice and by the time you found the money to pay, another invoice came. You cannot avoid paying your debt forever, so you might as well pay what you owe. If you cannot afford the entire amount, try negotiating. The likelihood is that you will be offered a settlement. A settlement means that you pay less than what you originally owed. The bad news though is that it will affect your credit score. But if you want to get out of debt, you have no other choice.