Make your t-shirt design stand out

Make your t-shirt design stand out

Designing a jersey is not easy, but it is fun and captivating. You will enjoy creating cool stuff, not to mention that you can put your passion for graphic art to good use. Having your very own design on a t-shirt is very rewarding, but in order to design something truly exceptional you have to have a clear understanding of the basics of t-shirt design. If you are a beginner, a little guidance on how to get started is absolutely necessary. The process may seem overwhelming at first, but you will definitely enjoy tee design. The following piece of advice will come in handy regardless of whether or not you are planning to use a custom t-shirt printing Hamilton service, although you should not get your hands dirty.

Turn the concept inside out  

Similar to working on any project, you have to pick a theme, in this case a concept. The concept should be simple enough to be executed, yet it has to be able to send the viewer a message. If you want something that fits in any kind of situation and still arouses attention, opt for a subtle idea. You should work on something that you like, otherwise you will not like the look of the jersey. It is not necessary to decide on something right away. Outline the concept and maybe add a few variations to have an idea of how it would look. It is better to postpone your decision until the next day. After a night’s sleep, you will be in a better position to make a decision.

Be careful not to overdo it

Screen printing does not resemble typical printing processes. To be more precise, this technique imposes some restrictions. The good news is, however, that screen printing encourages you to come up with creative solutions. While you may have a good perspective, it is advisable to discuss with a professional printer because the end result may be different from what you envisage. It is necessary to pay close attention to the number of colors and of course the size of the picture. You can use any image on the Web as inspiration, but this does not mean that you should copy what everything you see. With regard to colors, take into account the color of the tee as well. You are not simply designing a logo, you are working with the entire t-shirt. Again, to ensure the best possible outcome, send the printer a sketch of what you are working on.

Prepping your artwork for submission

Taking into consideration that you will be screen printing your tee, it is necessary to send your design to the professional printer. Prior to doing this, you should take the time to divide the colors into different layers. The reason why it is necessary to do this is that screen printing deals with each color during one period. So, if you want to facilitate the printing process, you need to provide free access to each color on your sketch.