Metal detecting enthusiast guide

Metal detecting enthusiast guide


Having a hobby is a pleasant way to spend time doing something you really enjoy, help you relax and maybe get out of the house and have a physical activity. Some people are into football, other find it interesting to collect coins. A number of people find pleasure in finding buried objects, as if they were treasure hunters or archeologists. It is not hard to find proper tools for this kind of activity, and web pages like are good places to start with. In order to have all the tools you need next time when going treasure hunting, we made a list for you.

1. Beginners Metal Detecting Guidebook

This is a good start, given the fact that you can find a lot of tips and tricks to increase your chances in finding something valuable. In addition, a guidebook is a helpful method to discover various ways of cleaning the objects you found in a proper manner, without damaging them, given the fact that they have been exposed to a humid environment, which is not ideal for metal objects.

2. A metal detector

You know what that instrument is for, and even if you did not, its name is self-explanatory. Yes, as you guessed, is an instrument that detects the presence of metal objects nearby. We are not going to get into technical details, but investing in a qualitative metal detector will increase your chances of finding your treasure, not to mention that it will last you longer. A good choice would be the Land Star from Bounty Hunter.

3. A pair of headphones

Make sure that you buy good-quality headphones in order to block background noise and to pick even on the faintest signals you receive.

4. Digging tools

Locating metal instruments is important, but so is digging for them. Make sure you buy a shovel, mattocks and picks. Have in mind the fact that there are even metal detecting shovels. Those might come in handy when you decide to make an investment in your hobby. You also want to purchase a digger, a flashlight and some brushes.

5. Proper clothing

You want to make sure you invest in good quality clothing in order to remain warm in the cold season. Some necessities consist of a good pair of gloves or even knee pads and isothermal items. Besides, good quality clothing will clean better (digging involves a lot of dirt) and is a long-term investment.

6. A GPS or a smartphone

Looking for metal objects may lead to unknown places, so you want to make sure you do not get lost. A basic GPS or a smartphone may come in hand.

Here are some basics to start a hobby like metal detecting. It is an interesting and entertaining way of spending spare time. The findings may wary from coins, bullets or metal plates to valuable antique objects.  If you want to get your child involved in this type of hobby, remember, there are children appropriate, easy to use versions of these tools.