Mistakes to Avoid when Shopping for a Mattress

Mistakes to Avoid when Shopping for a Mattress

When it comes to choosing the perfect mattress, there are no efforts to be spared if you want to make sure you will enjoy the most relaxing and restful sleep for a very long time. Sometimes, choosing the best item is not about what you should do, but what you shouldn’t so, to help you find the right model, we enlighten you on some mistakes you should avoid when shopping for a mattress.

Shopping for a mattress is not something that you do in the blink of an eye, but it requires a lot of research that will guarantee the best choice. Considering the importance of the mattress in achieving a restful sleep, make sure you avoid the following mistakes when shopping for a new mattress.

You don’t get the right size

If your mattress gets inside the bed’s frame, make sure that it perfectly fits the frame of your bed, otherwise, it will change its shape and the structure will be damaged. A mattress too small will start to flatten while one that is too big will crinkle and in both cases, the mattress will no longer be able to offer you a restful sleep. Also, make sure the mattress is suitable for your height or you will end up sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

You don’t test the mattress

Most people believe that a good mattress must be hard and firm so it will sustain your body in any sleeping position, but the truth is a hard mattress will give you neck and back pain. Also, a mattress too soft will allow your body to sink in it and your spine will sit in a wrong position. When shopping for a mattress, do the finger test by poking the mattress in a spot and see how it reacts. A good mattress should allow your finger to push it but it should immediately return to its original shape so you will know that the mattress is just the right firmness. Then, lay on the mattress in your sleep position and see how comfortable it feels for a few minutes.

You overlook the importance of the materials

To make sure you choose the proper type of mattress, you will have to do some research and see how safe, comfortable, and durable the materials of the mattress are. Most retailers advertise the memory foam mattresses as the best version, but few people know that this is actually a toxic material that can pose a risk to your health. The highest rated mattresses are those made from natural materials like organic cotton, wool, bamboo, or natural latex. Remember that a mattress which is made of natural latex on the inside but is covered in synthetic fabrics, it’s not as safe as you would want it to be.

It is important to carefully read the description of a mattress as some mattresses feature a combination of materials. If you live in a hot area, you might want to avoid a mattress that contains any type of foam, as it tends to retain heat and it will get very hot during the night. On the other side, if you can’t afford a memory foam mattress, but you find coil mattresses to be too uncomfortable, the Signature Sleep essential twin mattress might be just what you are looking for, as it is quite affordable and very comfortable due to the top foam layer.

You give up on quality

As in many other products, the manufacturer says much about the reliability and quality of a mattress, so pay attention to whoever is designing and selling the mattress you want to buy. A good manufacturer will guarantee the use of high-quality materials and will stand up for its product with a generous warranty. The price isn’t always a benchmark when it comes to quality. The highest rated mattresses are not the most expensive ones, but the ones with the best warranty coverage.