Modern Gadgets that Make Home Cleaning Services Obsolete

Modern Gadgets that Make Home Cleaning Services Obsolete

Does cleaning your house sound more aggravating each day and cleaning services don’t feel like the option for you? Thanks to newer technologies this will be a worry of the past, and you can have a well deserved break.

Through the years, people have discovered that technology could do much more than expected and so even the most mundane tasks now have a self-sufficient alternative, home cleaning being a prime example.

As many people say, a clean home is a happy home and a happy home makes for a happy, more productive homeowner.

What are the basic steps to keeping a house clean?

Although many small, intricate steps go into a deep, pre-holiday like cleaning of the house, the basic tasks that make a noticeable difference are:

  • Emptying all trashcans – and gathering any miscellaneous litter
  • Dusting and wiping surfaces – desks, windowsills, tabletops, shelves, etc.
  • Cleaning the windows – inside and outside
  • Scrubbing the kitchen – sink, tiles, counters 
  • Scrubbing the bathrooms – sink, toilet, shower cabin or bathtub, mirrors, tiles
  • Cleaning carpets – at least a good vacuuming, if not also a shampooing
  • Vacuuming and mopping all floors

Believe it or not, all these have easy ways out, and instead of a monthly subscription to a cleaning service, you could be looking at a one-time purchase per activity.

All the gadgets you need for a clean home

Other than the ever-so-popular Roomba, raved for being the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors, or the mopping robot, there is a device for every other time-consuming task.

Automatic Trashcans

How many of us haven’t faced the following situation: you go to throw out the trash and the pedal breaks, forcing you to hand open the trashcan, gather anything that might overflow, seal the trash bag, pull it out with one hand – since the other is still holding the lid open… A nightmare.

Automatic cans simply require a wave of the hand to open and the press of a button to seal and replace the trash bag.

Window Cleaning Robots

As a replacement for possibly falling off a step-ladder or needing to store long rods to reach every corner of a window, there are window cleaning robots that initially map out the surface and then leave it spotless.

Electric Scrubbers

Much like an electric toothbrush, these scrubbers do the work for you, granted you hold them against what you wish to clean. They have different removable heads for different scrubbing needs and rotate their way into a spic and span surface.

Pressure Washers

For those who prefer houses to apartments, there is a universal tool that keeps everything clean. From front steps, driveways, and garages, to porches, patios, and garden tiles or decks. If you get a pressure washing device, never again will you give a second thought to mold, grime, dust, mud, or any kind of dirt in your front and back yard. 

Options for Pet Owners

Carpet Cleaning Robot

Since pets are notoriously known for being the second babies of the family, anything can be expected in a moment of distraction.

With this gadget, just by pressing a button you can wash and vacuum any possible accidents that would otherwise sour your mood for the day.

Self Cleaning Litter Box

Scooping and sweeping are the most unpleasant parts of being a cat owner. Thought shared by the inventor of the self-cleaning litter box, who made it so that the sensors detect when the cat exits the box and drops the clumped litter into a drawer that can simply be dumped into a bag. As a bonus, the walls of the box are high enough to prevent the litter from being thrown outside.

Self Changing Puppy Pad

Much like the litter box, the puppy pad detects when it has been used and rotates to keep a fresh surface for your dog.

Which is the easier way out? Gadgets or Cleaning Services

Going by the saying “To each their own” you would have to consider your personal preference when deciding which way to go. The usual thought process would be a pro and con list, therefore:

Cleaning Gadgets

Pros: One-time purchase, most require just a button press or can be activated through wireless, great for those with social anxiety or who don’t like to share their personal space

Cons: Price (if bought all at once), needing to be charged, hard to fix if broken

Cleaning Services

Pros: Not having to move around the house, more thorough detail cleaning (blind dusting, silverware polishing, laundry)

Cons: The possibility of schedule falling through, trust factor – finding a good team, lacking privacy, personnel change

All things considered

While it is true that cleaning services have been around for decades and do a wonderful job, change is a constant. Given all the new techs, gadgets, and gizmos, advancements in modern life will soon mean that old services will become obsolete and you could get the same result with minimal effort.