No home should be without a levitating speaker

No home should be without a levitating speaker

You have probably heard time and time again that levitating speakers look awesome, but they are more than devices with great design. As a matter of fact, floating speakers are some of the most advanced technologies on the market, which should be reason enough to want one in your home. The sound system has an incredible sound quality, not to mention that it literally floats. You can listen to no matter what artist for hours at an end as the Bluetooth device is powered by batteries. The great news is that this innovative technology is quite affordable, so you do not have to break the bank to get your hands on it. However, to make sure that you are buying the best audio electronic, you must visit and read the reviews posted by professionals. There are many reasons why you should have such a gadget in your home.

Looks really cool

While this is not the most important feature of the audio system, there is no doubt that it looks good. No matter what model you choose, you can be sure that it looks cool, as does anything that floats in midair. Since the levitating Bluetooth speaker has a pretty design, you can place it in just about any room in your home. The device will not go unnoticed. The design comprises LED lights, a Bluetooth speaker and a magnet. What you have to do is place the orb on the base and it will steadily lift off. The attention of everyone that visits your home will be automatically drawn to the audio technology. What is more, the visual appeal does not get in the way of audio transmission.

Having your own home sound system

Maybe you cannot afford to invest in a home theatre system, but you can manage to buy a home surround system. A levitating speaker is your home sound system. This device is Bluetooth compatible, so it will allow you to stream music and of course enjoy a great audio performance. You will be surprised to hear that the wireless device is loud. Despite its size, it produces great sound and although it is true that you may experience sound distortions every now and then, you should know that this is largely due to the objects within its path. If you are throwing a birthday party or you are simply looking forward to enjoying hours of uninterrupted music, you can rely on the floating gadget.

Built-in mic for taking calls

One feature of the levitating speaker that is commonly neglected is the built-in microphone. Thanks to this part, you can take calls from just about anywhere in the house. Therefore, you can connect your phone and take calls. The product is  suitable for those who run home-based businesses or who wish to conduct phone conversations this way. Even if you not taking a conference call, you can connect to the USB port and play loud music anywhere you want as the audio device is portable.