Pay attention to the facts about distracted driving

Pay attention to the facts about distracted driving

You might have heard about distracted driving, but you might have not paid enough attention, because you might had the impression that this is not happening to you. Well, you should know, that because people are not informed, they tend to ignore some situations which cause accidents, and the dangers of distracted driving are, let’s just say, deadly. If you take a look at the documents released by the Traffic Safety Administration, you will notice that almost any activity you are doing while driving might divert your attention, and you might cause an accident. You should know that there are three different types of distraction, according to the Distracted Driving Infographic, and every one of them has its specific characteristics, and results.

What the types of distractions are?

In case you are involved in an accident caused by distracted driving, you should hire a Huntington Beach personal injury attorney, because you will need legal support. The first category of distractions are the manual ones, which means that you move your hands away from the wheel, and you are not focused on the task of controlling the vehicle. An example of this situation is when you are reaching for a juice in the drink carrier. A different type of distractions is the visual ones, which means that you focus your eyes in a different part of the road. For example when you drop your food on the floor of the car, and you look there to see the stain. The third type of distractions is the cognitive one, which means that your mind wanders away from the task of driving. For example, when you think how much it would cost you to replace the shoes you have ruined with spilling food on them. In this way you would not pay attention to the essential job you have, and that it driving.

What are the dangers?

When it comes to the dangers you should know that they are greater that you might even think. If you use to talk on the cell phone while you are driving you should know that the chances to have an accident are four times higher, than if you were driving while being drunk. In case you use to text while driving, you should know that the danger is eight times higher. And when compared distracted driving with driving without distractions, you should know that the crash risk is 23 times higher, and you should pay attention to these numbers because your life is in danger. Also, it is important for you to know that young drivers are at the greatest risk, because they do not have experience, and specialists state that they are overestimating their ability to multitask while driving. When you look at the studies, you will notice that a high percent of the teen drivers were involved in a fatal crash in the last years, because they were distracted. Both teen and adults drivers do not recognize that they are behaving irresponsibly, and they find easier to find excuses for they driving style. You should not be part of this category.