Physical therapy for specific women’s health issues

Physical therapy for specific women’s health issues


Women-focused physical therapy has helped many to recover after childbirth, reduce incontinence issues and treat organ prolapse. Although many women are embarrassed even to think about their issues, they exist and create discomfort when there shouldn’t be. Dedicated practitioners can help women overcome the unjustified embarrassment and begin their journey to a life without pain and inconvenience. Core physical therapy Encinitas clinics helped over the years women of all ages recover or improve the symptoms of reduced fertility, postpartum period, or even cancer. Below are three of the most popular affections treated with the help of specialized physical therapy.

Organ prolapse recovery

This affection usually occurs when the muscles sustaining the pelvic organs (bladder, uterus and bowel) become extremely stretched or weak, losing their ability to maintain them in their anatomical location, pushing against other sensitive organs. Some of the most frequent causes for this feminine issue are pregnancy, the labor, and the additional weight the mother must carry during those nine months. However, with physical therapy specialized in women’s health, it is possible to correct those issues by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, as well as posture improvement. Therapists approach each case with persistency, this issue requiring some recovery time, even with professional help.

Musculo-skeletal pain caused by nursing

Although many women adapt easy to their new role as a mother, the large majority face some issues during the process. Most of them are caused by improper posture while breast feeding, generating excruciating pain the lower back and shoulder. However, under the guidance of professional therapists, mothers can learn and practice correct posture, and exercises for eliminating the pain experienced. Although preponderantly practiced in the post-partum period, women are encouraged to exercise for a long period of time afterwards. This helps them maintain a correct posture and a healthy spine.

Physical therapy for women suffering from osteoporosis

Fortunately, osteoporosis is a reversible condition, and women pairing rehabilitation treatment with physical therapy sessions have higher chances of recovery. Practicing low impact exercises under professional supervision has another great effect besides treating this issue. It helps women become confident is their bone structure and overcome the fear of suffering another fracture. Also, pain management is another aspects therapists can help with, especially after fractures, and these sessions can help patients return to a normal lifestyle. On the other hand, women diagnosed with osteoporosis can learn how to prevent a fracture and how to practice exercises in a healthy and safe way. Preventing is better than anything is, but even if fractures appear, they can be treated with success with close and pertinent directions from a physical therapist.

A holistic approach paired with proper treatment is considerably more effective than medication by itself. However, make sure you choose a clinic with professional personnel, and the ability to treat a variety of affection, not only those related to women’s health. This way, you have the possibility of remaining the active women you used to be, in a safe an appropriate way.