Picking the right vet for your dog – here’s what you need to know

Whether it’s the first time looking for a vet, or you are planning to change your dog’s doctor, you need to pay careful attention when choosing a veterinarian. Just like you did when choosing your own doctor, finding someone that is dedicated and has a good relationship with pets is extremely important.

When looking for a vet, don’t just pick the one that simply has a cabinet nearby, but consider all the other implications as well. You need to find someone that is patient, calm, and makes time for your pet when you most need it. But worry not, the following advice will help you find just the person you are looking for.


Ask for recommendations

Calling the first number you see when you look online for vets in your area may be tempting, but from my experience, the best way to find a good veterinær nittedal is through recommendations. Talk to friends and family and ask if they can give you the name of their vet. Gather a list of names and start looking online for them, to find feedback from patients.

You can also consider checking out pet shelters, grooming salons and organizations that focus on animals. They usually work with a vet and will be more than happy to provide you with a list of names to look at.


Take a look at their website as well

After putting together a list of potential veterinarians or clinics, do make sure you look for them online. Read everything on their website, to paint a better picture of what they have to offer. Check to see if they have a feedback page, to see how they interact with clients.

If they have a website that lacks photos or important information, you may want to reconsider giving them a chance. Look at this dyrlege nittedal, for example. They have everything listed down, plus information for pet owners.


Ensure the clinic has everything you need

Before making a decision, do ensure that the clinic has everything your dog may need. Do they take emergencies? Is there someone that constantly supervises the animals overnight? There are many things you need to consider.

To make it easier, start by listing down all your dog’s needs, besides vaccination. Are you planning on breeding? If yes, then is there someone capable of performing a C-section? Is your dog prone to particular health issues? If so, will he need rehabilitering hund? If the answer is yes, then do make sure they also provide rehabilitation and post-treatment care.


Meet with the vet for a discussion first

Ideally, by now, you will have managed to narrow your list down to 3 or 4 options. Now, before making any decision, make an appointment with the vet, to talk things through and ensure you are on the same page.

A simple discussion should be enough to see if the doctor you are considering is the right fit. Ask as many questions as you need and only make a decision once you’ve met and discussed with all of the doctors on your list.