Pool maintenance tips

Pool maintenance tips


If you are lucky enough to cool in your own pool during summer, then you should make sure that you keep it sparkling clean. When you ask your friends to come over, you have to make sure that your pool looks inviting and it is ready to be used. If you have a busy schedule, then you will find difficult to maintain the pool in a great state, because you will have to use professional products to keep the water clean all the season long. If you neglect it even for a week, the water can turn hazy and cloudy, and you do not want to swim in green water. If you understand what the cleaning process implies, you will create a program, and you only have to follow certain steps to keep the pool sparkling. You should view the process of cleaning your pool similar to the one of cleaning your car. If you do it properly you reduce the costs of repairing it, and you prolong its life.

Check the chemical levels

The most important steps on maintaining the water clear in the pool is to use the right chemicals, and to maintain their levels according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is essential to check the pH and chlorine levels. Chlorine is important in keeping it hygienic, because it kills all the bacteria and germs. It is recommended to measure the pH levels because they show how alkaline or acidic the water from your pool is. Buy a water testing kit and use it regularly. Make sure that the pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.6 and the chlorine is somewhere between 1.0 and 3.o parts per million.

You should use algaecide and shock every week

Keeping the proper levels of pH and chlorine is not enough to maintain the water sparkling and clear in the pool. You should administer regularly shock to kill the algae and bacteria from the pool. You can order shock treatments online, or you can find them at your local shop. When you use a product for the first time, it is important to read the instructions, because the quantity of shock you use depends on the size of the pool. In case there are algae growing on the sides of the pool, then you can kill them with algaecide. It is important to prevent algae growth, because they can turn the water yellow or green.

Backwash is important

If you want to keep the water from you pool clear and sparkling, then you have to check the state of the filters. The filter removes the debris and dirt from the pool, and you have to clean it regularly, to keep it functional. The process of cleaning the filter is called backwashing and you will have to program it to make the water flow in the opposite direction to complete it. When you notice that, the water from the pool has a cloudy look you should backwash the filter. It is advisable to backwash it every time when you see that the pressure is 5 to 7 pounds for square inch.