Questions about getting a health insurance in France

Questions about getting a health insurance in France

There are more and more people who decide to move to France, due to the fact that they can enjoy a good economic situation. But, unfortunately, it is also true that there are some important considerations that they have to take into account if they want to enjoy a good life. One of these considerations is related to health insurance, also known as Carte Vitale. But, due to the fact that this type of insurance is something that makes people feel somehow confused, here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

Why is health insurance so important in France?

In order to understand how important this insurance is, you have to pay attention to the French medical system. The services which care offered in the modern hospitals from France can cost you a fortune if you do not have this Carte Vitale. Therefore, there is no wonder that many people who arrive in France should demarche Carte Vitale Seine Saint Denis. The same rule applies when it comes to medicines. There are many types of medicines which can be taken for free if you are the owner of a Carte Vitale. On the other hand, the health insurance is also a real must for the expectant mothers.

How can you get your health insurance?

Usually, those who decide to move to France are also searching for a job. According to the French laws, those who have worked more than three months and also who have paid their legal contributions can benefit from health insurance. In case you feel confused, you can ask your employer to offer you more details. Also, if you get married to a French citizen who has a health insurance, you get also benefit from it. But, in order to make sure, you should ask the agency in charge how things really work. Usually, you have to let them know about your status.

Is the procedure of getting your health insurance complicated?

Even if the procedure seems somehow complicated, it is not. You only have to fulfill an application. Also, you can easily receive information is you call the experts from CPAM. What is CPAM more precisely? It is the abbreviation from Caisses Primaires d’Assurance Maladie and the representatives of this institution are always ready to help you.

How long does it take to receive your health insurance?

Usually, you do not have to wait for long in order to receive your health insurance. Those who have already moved to France claim that it only takes two or three weeks. Also, the whole procedure does not require many documents. On the other hand, if you get sick before getting your medical insurance or you just need some medicines, you will have to pay by your own. But do not worry! Then, you can get your money back. But, if you want to claim a reimbursement, you will have to keep all your medical records. For example, if the doctor asks you to take some medicines, make sure you keep the medical recipe.