Quick and easy spring-cleaning tips that everyone should know

Quick and easy spring-cleaning tips that everyone should know

Spring-cleaning can be troubling for some, considering that you need to turn the whole house upside down and put everything where it belongs. It can be time-consuming and energy-absorbing without some planning beforehand. Spring-cleaning is the perfect opportunity to clean sections of your house that you ignored all year. You should dedicate one weekend to this task and tackle every single spot of your home. This is the type of cleaning that is truly noticeable and lasts a lot. These tips will make spring-cleaning enjoyable:

The schedule

You should always begin by creating a checklist with all the activities that you want to complete during spring-cleaning. The best way to do it is by sectioning the tasks by room and category. The first category you should have in mind is represented by supplies. Buying the products that you need to clean the house thoroughly is paramount to make the whole task easier. Buy filters for the vacuum, change the mop heads, purchase the proper dusting materials, buy boxes, paper towels, and microfiber cloths. Don’t forget to look for “storage units Austin near me” to find a place where to take all the items you no longer have to keep around.

Cleaning the kitchen

The tasks you should complete in the kitchen are proper decluttering (throwing away all the spices or foods that are outdated or you would no longer use to prepare food), defrosting the fridge and cleaning it entirely, cleaning appliances, deep-cleaning silverware. During the spring-cleaning sessions, you might also want to clean the cabinets and re-organize them, as well as the drawers. Clean surfaces that you don’t usually pay much attention to, such as above cabinets and fridge. The oven and microwave should also be deep-cleaned. The area around the trash needs to be sanitized properly.

Cleaning the bedroom

Start by dusting all the surfaces in the bedroom, from the ceiling fan to the drawers. All the furniture in the bedroom should be properly dusted with quality products. After that, change the bed sheets and wash the pillows. Offer plenty of attention to the mattress, which is not dusted and cleaned as often. Move the furniture if possible and vacuum the floor underneath. To complete the cleaning session, mop the whole room and air it out.

Cleaning the living room

The floor in the living room should be vacuumed, cleaned and then polished. Before that, clean the windows and dust the whole room and electronics. Vacuuming the sofa is a necessity and deep-cleaning all the rugs in the room should be taken into account. Again, clean the surfaces under the furniture and pay attention to furniture.

Cleaning the bathroom

Declutter by throwing away all expired cosmetics, and then move to the mirror and countertop or sink. Sanitize the drains, toilet, and bathtub thoroughly and steam clean the floor. The shower curtain should be either washed or replaced entirely. Clean the showerheads and water taps using professional products and refill the soap dispensers.