Renovating an old house for selling – the full guide

Renovating an old house for selling – the full guide

You will face a series of challenges if you want to renovate an old, abandoned house from scratch. You are going to deal with problems that involve a lot of time and resources. The secret is to keep everything organized and make the changes one at a time. There are many details that you will need to consider. At the end of the project, you should be able to give the building some character of its own and a solid look. Here are the steps you might want to follow:

Dealing with pests

When planning to renovate an old house, go ahead and find a company that deals with Pest Control in East London. In fact, this is the number one issue you have to address. In a house that was not inhabited for quite some time, pests will cover the ground. You can’t start renovating until you get rid of all uninvited guests. Pest companies offer quick solutions for any problem regarding infestations, and you won’t have to spend a fortune on it.

Not all pests made themselves heard and seen while you are in the building. They might show up after you already start working on the house, and this can be troubling. Double-check if anything is wrong with the house and don’t skip the attic or the basement. If you’re not sure whether the house is infested with pests of not, you can always opt for pest control surveys in Wanstead Park.

Flooring and roof

Next, you will need to take care of the roof and the flooring of the house. Flooring has to be changed in the entire house, especially if water or excessive moisture is present. This will be a considerable expense, so see what options you have before making a final decision. As for the roof, it can only be reconditioned if it is in a good shape.

Foundation and wall cracks

Another problem that might be quite costly to solve refers to cracks that are present on the foundation or walls of the building. Without fixing these on time, you risk that the house’s structure is not safe enough for selling it. Keep in mind that an expert will assess the building’s condition before you are going to put it on sale, and if something is not right in terms of safety, you won’t be able to get your money until you don’t fix it. Check the house thoroughly for serious cracks and fix it as soon as you can.

Windows and doors

Changing the windows and doors with modern ones is a factor that’s highly appreciated by buyers. Save your money for this one, as it may cost a small fortune. A house that doesn’t have good windows and doors won’t be bought for a fair price unless it is bought by other house flippers who are willing to invest more in the building.