Robot Vacuums with Self-Emptying Dustbins

Robot Vacuums with Self-Emptying Dustbins

The only annoying thing about having a robot vacuum cleaner is the fact that you have to empty the dustbin very often, which can distract you from other things that you plan on doing. If you want to make this a problem of the past, read this article and find out what robot vacuum cleaners have self-emptying dustbins.

Robots do the chores for us to be able to enjoy more free time, and when a robot needs the human’s attention and his help too often, it becomes more of a drag than a help for the owner, defeating the whole purpose of its creation. Robotic vacuum cleaners are notorious for having their dustbins get filled very quick, which means that you have to empty the thing out every single time. But what if we were to tell you that this isn’t a problem anymore? Read the following lines to find out what robot vacuum cleaners have self-emptying dustbins, and you won’t ever again have to worry about a thing when the robot is vacuuming.

Ecovacs Deebot D77

The Deebot D77 from Ecovacs is the world’s first self-emptying robotic vacuum cleaner, making it a truly revolutionary device, and it comes at the price of only $600, making it affordable for anyone who wants to have a robotic vacuum cleaner that doesn’t need supervision and help all the time. Due to the fact that it empties the dustbin all by itself, the Deebot D77 has an increased length of time in which it can clean the floors, giving the owner an unprecedented freedom when it comes to floor cleaning. Another great feature of this robot vacuum is the High-Efficiency Particulate Filter that basically reduces important factors associated with asthma and allergies by removing airborne particles, by purifying the air, and by picking up pollen, lint, dust mites, hair, dirt, and pet dander. In addition, this magnificent device can easily fit under your furniture for a better cleaning due to the fact that it is only 4 inches tall, it prevents itself from falling down the stairs through the use of its special sensors, and it protects your furniture due to the fact that it detects obstacles and it creates paths to navigate around them.

Samsung NaviBot S

Samsung is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in electronics, and the fact that it has produced a revolutionary self-emptying robot vacuum doesn’t surprise anyone. The Samsung NaviBot S comes at the price of $800, and it provides the user with the ultimate vacuuming experience due to its intelligent Auto Dust Emptying function that makes it return to the docking station whenever the dustbin is full, emptying it there in order to be able to continue with cleaning without needing human help. It has a wide 200 mm brush, making it the fastest and most efficient robot vacuum from Samsung available, you can schedule it to start cleaning when you are away to find the floors spotless, it’s whisper quiet, therefore you don’t have to worry about scheduling it to start vacuuming when you sleep, it can be set to not enter certain areas, and with the help of its special sensors, you don’t have to worry about the device falling down the stairs and breaking, because it stays away from them on its own.

As you can see, technological advancements are on the right way to making our lives easier each day. The robotic vacuum cleaner is a device which should be found in the home of any modern person. If you are having troubles deciding on a single model, we suggest that you do some research on There are numerous reviews, ratings and comparisons on that site that can help you choose the most efficient robotic vacuum cleaner.