Social security system in France – the most optimized available

The French social security system is well developed and provides families around the country with the necessary financial means to have a quiet life. Most parents around the world find it difficult provide all the necessary means for their children to have a normal life. This is where child support aid comes. Many countries have better social systems than others do, and the French do an excellent job. Whenever a French person needs some pieces of information regarding one of the many social aids available they can simply contact caf 93 and see what their options are. French Government provides different types of aid, from basic financial aid, to birth and early childhood care and benefits for special purposes. Below are some pieces of information on every type of allowance adopted by the French Government.

1. Basic maintenance benefits

Depending on household’s income, families receive a so called “child benefit” for families with more than two children in order to make it easier to raise them. Moreover, families with more than three children, aged 20 years old, receive a flat-rate allowance. Families with a monthly income of maximum 898 euros receive this allowance, and it is about 83 euros per month. French families also receive a family support allowance is one of the parents is not able to provide by themselves the necessary means of living for their children.

2. Birth and early childcare allowance

Families expecting and those with small children in care receive this allowance. Moreover, families in the adoption process have the right to receive this type of aid as well. To be able to receive this type of allowance, the expecting mother must prove that she strictly followed the prenatal routine in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

3. Benefits for special purposes

Parents of disabled children are allowed to receive a monthly amount for educational purposes. This type of allowance is provided until the child ages 20 years old. Their condition is what determines the amount on money the family is enabled to receive. A disability of a child is putting families around the world under a lot of financial pressure and its gravity makes it possible for parents to receive between 97.49€ and 740.16€. In this category of aid is also included the so-called “back to school allowance” and its purpose is to help parents to provide the necessary school supplies for their children. Of course, only families with a low monthly income will receive this type of aid and their children must be enrolled in public schools and have between 6 and 18 years old. The allowance varies according to the child’s age, between 362.36 € at the age of 6, and 395.90€ at 18 years old.

You can see how well developed the French social system is and how families with lower than average income are able to provide a normal lifestyle for their children. From medical care, to school supplies, they all are included in various types of allowance.