Student’s guide to living in London

Student’s guide to living in London

London is the kind of town you fall in love with at first visit and that has an undeniable appeal for students all over the world. In addition to prestigious Universities, career opportunities and excellent living conditions, it offers plenty of entertainment options and it’s impossible to get bored here. In fact, there are even trueborn Londoners who haven’t seen all of their hometown, so, if you move put here, every day will be like an adventure. However, all these benefits come at a cost. Living in London can be quite expensive, so before you can have fun, you need to make a plan, sort your priorities and establish where to splurge and where to save. This quick guide will introduce you to a few aspects of living in London as a student and offer a few money saving tips.

Invest in good accommodation

Before you can think of anything else, you need to find a place to live. Fortunately, student accommodation London is not hard to find and, whether you want to live in an apartment or in a student home, there are plenty of possibilities. Properties directly near university centres tend to be more expensive, but if you cannot afford these, you can always rent an apartment farther away from campus, but with good public transport connections. Make sure you are near a London tube, because that is the most practical and popular means of transport for students.


Where to eat

Regardless of your budget, London has thousands of places to eat, from deluxe restaurants with authentic foreign cuisine to small street stalls that sell hot dogs and kebabs. The good news for students is that many of these offer student discounts or loyalty cards, so you can save a good couple of pounds per meal. To avoid unpleasant culinary experiences, use Yelp or Trip Advisor to locate the best places to eat near you.


Where to go shopping

If you have any money left after buying books for university and daily necessities, you probably want to treat yourself to a shopping session. Again, London doesn’t lack in shopping centres, but not all of them are great for a limited budget. In terms of clothing, you can find some considerable discounts in fast fashion stores such as Primark. Make sure you stop by Camden Market and Stables Market, the best places for bargain hunters. In addition to all sorts of vintage goods and trinkets, you can get your hands on second hand books and even furniture to decorate your student room.


London nightlife


The favourite part of every London student, local nightlife has many facets and offers hours of fun for everyone. There are plenty of clubs and pubs where you can have a beer and listen to good music and most of them are near student neighbourhoods. Camden street is a good place to start, but if you have unique tastes in music or entertainment, you can look for a club online and you’ll definitely find a few good answers.