Stylish ways you can integrate ribbon into your wedding

Stylish ways you can integrate ribbon into your wedding

At present, the ribbon is one of the most undervalued decorations. Present since the 11th century, ribbon weaving has is used by cultures all around the world in order to make jewellery, but it is also incorporated into garments and hair accessories. These decorations have also been long associated with weddings, being the favourite choice of many brides. You too can add a special touch to your wedding day by using ribbon decorations. Not only can you can find many textures and colours, but you can find affordable organza ribbons as well. Integrating sashes into your event design is relatively easy and here are examples of how you can use them for your big day.

The bridal bouquet

Although you can use bows in so many ways, what you should do is accent your wedding bouquet. While a simple cascade of ribbon results in an understated look, not the same thing can be said about stems wrapped in bows. For this task you will need silky material, a pair of scissors and of course plastic wrap. After picking up the flowers form the shop, bind the stems using a thin rubber and but the bottom of the stems with the scissors. After this, you should wrap the stems in plastic wrap and pin one edge of the material to the bottom of the flowers. From here, all you have to do is start wrapping the flower stem, making your way up. You can add some jewellery for a finishing touch.

Wedding invitations

DIY invitations are incredibly easy to make and it is needless to say that they look fabulous. In order to make these fabulous invitation, choose thin stripes and make sure that they complement the colour pallet of the invitations because it will look polished. Cut one long piece of ribbon and begin with the back of the invitation. Wrap you stripe around the front corner, loop it to the back and again around the opposite corner. After circling back to the where the ends meet, cut the excess material and secure the ends using double-sided tape. In the end, tie a small piece of ribbon around the left corner so as to give the impression of a fake bow.

Ceremony backdrop

When the ceremony is held outside, a backdrop is necessary for the area where the groom and the bride are standing. As you know very well, this is the spot where all the important wedding photos will be taken, so make sure it is beautiful. Unlike flowers, ribbons are affordable and you do not need the help of a professional to set them up. What you may need is a little assistance from your friends. You can use several colours for the backdrop and thus enhance the visual interest.