The social protection system in France – A comprehensive guide

The social protection system in France – A comprehensive guide

The social protection system in France is a highly developed one, all citizens or inhabitants of the country being protected through it against the financial risks of illness, maternity or retirement. As many have found out, the social security system in this country is a highly beneficial one, many soon-to-be-mothers choosing to give birth in this country because of this reason. However, when it comes to receiving a health insurance in France, all citizens or inhabitants must demarche carte vitale Seine Saint Denis actions for receiving it. However, we must first find out more about the social security system in this amazing country.

The areas covered by the French security system

The basic packs cover four large types of risks, as it follows: “ family”, “old age”, “illness and accidents”, “disability, maternity, illness and death”. Separate branches of the French social security system are designated for handling each category, and they all handle individuals depending on their occupations, on different schemes, as it follows:

  • The General Scheme: includes all employees, students and ordinary French residents.
  • The Agricultural Scheme: offers welfare to farmers and workers in the field.
  • Special Schemes: the cover civil servants that are not in the private sectors of work enforcement.
  • Autonomous Schemes: this scheme covers artisans, merchants and liberal professions for old professionals exclusively.

There are also Complementary Insurance Schemes, which offer furthermore coverage for certain risks designated by the French social services bodies.

Maternity leave in France

If you plan to have a baby in France, than you must consider you and your baby lucky, because doing so comes with plenty of benefits. All expecting parents must give birth in a hospital, in the presence of a midwife. All parents must have all their physical tests up to date, in order to have the birth covered by the French social service system. Moreover, the system itself covers only giving birth in a public hospital, private clinics not being covered by it oftentimes. Parents must pay attention, since the fees for giving birth in a private clinic might exceed 5,000 euros. Prenatal examinations are mandatory, and for foreign women choosing to give birth in France, they must know that most of the gynaecologists and obstetricians here speak fluent English.

Retirement in France

The legal minimum retirement age in France is fluctuating, as it follows: 62 years old for people born after 1st of January 1955, and 60 years old for persons born before 1st of July 1951. The amount of pension one will receive strongly depends on three factors, as it follows: the basic salary, the total period on insurance, and the payment rate.

As you can see, the French security system in a well-developed one, offering comprehensive coverage packages for all inhabitants and citizens of the country. If you ever have doubts or questions regarding certain aspects and processes, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the regional offices or visit their webpages, since they are filled with useful information.