Things about mold everyone believes are true but they aren’t

Things about mold everyone believes are true but they aren’t

Many people are on the opinion that mold is not as dangerous as others say. In fact, what harm can some fungus on the wall do to you? Truth is mold can cause some serious health problems and if it is not removed in time, it can seriously affect not only your health, but also your house. It is highly recommended to do some research on the internet and look for a professional and reputable mold inspection company in Toronto the moment you notice mold has installed in your house. Here are the most common facts about mold people believe are true, but they are not.

Mold installs only in wet places

This is one of the most popular myths about mold – that it only grows in places with high humidity levels. It is true that mold needs moisture to develop and install, but this is not a top condition, since it can still appear in the same area although that area has dried out completely. Mold spores “feed” themselves with moisture out of the air in that room, so they do not necessarily need the area to have high levels of humidity in order to develop. It is important to mention that mold spores can only die off if the level of humidity is below 5%.

Drying the affected area solves the mold problem

This is another myth related to mold. People have the misconception that if they opt for drying the area out, they will get their houses rid of mold spores. It is worth mentioning that this actually is an important phase of the mold removal process, but doing only this does not solve the problem. It is recommended to resort to the services of a professional company in order to benefit from the best results.

Painting over the mold – a good idea too

While some people believe that only drying out the affected area can get their houses rid of mold, others believe that a better solution to this matter is to paint over the fungus. They prefer spending a great deal of money on paint and apply three or even more coats of paint over the affected area in order to make sure mold does not get through it ever again. It is true that this method might keep mold spores away for a period, but it will last probably no more than two months until it reinstalls. Fungus spores have the ability to “eat” the paint, regardless how mold-resistant it is.

Bleach – the ultimate enemy of mold

Probably one of the most commonly used household chemicals against mold is bleach. People believe that they can get rid of fungus permanently only with some bleach and a soft cloth. This method might work for a short period, such as a month or two, but no more than that. The moment mold has entered your house, it is mandatory to resort to the services of a professional mold removal company in order to make sure you eliminate it completely once and for all.