Things to consider before being a food photographer

Things to consider before being a food photographer

Being a food photographer is one of the most fashionable jobs lately and this happens because of the fact that nowadays people are extremely concerned about the way their plate looks like. So, if they go to a fancy restaurant and they have dinner, they usually take photos and then post them on different social media sites in order to show the others how elegant or cute their meal looks like. Moreover, according to studies, more appreciated are the restaurants that have a food photographer which helps them promoting their food items.



What do you need to know if you want to become a food photographer?


Ok, you love food photography and you think that you may have talent, but for being a successful photographer you should make some important investments. The first investment that you have to consider is taking some photography courses, in order to understand how things really work. You can be your own teacher and you can try to learn as much as possible from your comfortable home sofa, or you can pay from some online or offline courses. The most important ones are the photo processing techniques which are always necessary for getting the best pictures.


The second investment which should be done is buying photography equipment. Try to save money in order to buy a good photo camera, a flash and some photo lens that can help you do your work. If you don’t have the necessary budget for doing that, try to get a part time job that gives you the opportunity to exercise.


Tips and tricks for a food photographer


  • Try to take photos to every good looking food that you find. For example, if you think that your chocolate donut and your coffee look good this morning, try to take photos of them. You may use different types of lights and effects, letting your creativity and imagination lead you. If you have a friend who is keen on photography, ask him to let you be his assistant and take photos of his creations.


  • Learn from the others. Join a group where you can find other food photographers and ask them questions about their work. But the best alternative is to watch them in action, so maybe you can ask them to take you to a real food photography session.


  • Make a portfolio with your best food pictures and post it online. Or maybe you can try to create a photography blog. But don’t forget to sign your pictures. There are a lot of persons who may want to steel them.


  • Make creative business cards and give them to different people in order to make sure that they have your contact details when they need.