Traveling with your family – locations and activities you shouldn’t ignore

Do you want to travel with your family in the near future but you don’t know what location would be more suitable? This article includes ideas of perfect locations for family trips along with a set of activities that would go well with the respective place. If you need to organize a trip under a strict budget, don’t worry – the locations and activities you find here are entirely affordable. From snorkeling boat trips in the Turks & Caicos Islands to a backpacking trip, you will find an idea that suits your needs and preferences.

For a beach getaway…

For families who prefer relaxing by the sea and enjoying the sun, these beach locations ideas should help:

  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This location is the most affordable you can find in this part of the world. It is a quiet beach, with lots of activities to try, including snorkeling, budget-friendly day tours to visit the Mayan ruins and many more others. Enjoy the sight of this mesmerizing place without spending a lot of money. Playa del Carmen is more suitable for families, as the activities are appropriate for larger groups. Even though it is inexpensive, avoid the peak season because the prices might go higher.

  • Turks & Caicos Islands

If you and your family are looking for entertaining activities to keep your day busy, then Turks & Caicos is the recommended location. The islands are popular for the amazing sights you can enjoy here, but also for the famous Turks & Caicos Islands boat charters. In case you want to enjoy activities such as swimming among fishes or long boat trips, choose Turks and Caicos. The sights will leave you mesmerized and the activities will surely make up as good memories. The location is family friendly and most of these activities are practiced in larger groups

For a mountain getaway…

On the other hand, for more adventurous families, mountain trips in these locations will surely be memorable:

·         Basque Highlands, Spain

In order to get closer to nature, choose the Basque Highlands which you can find in Spain. Besides being extremely affordable, as you can find a place to stay among locals and guesthouses, the Basque Highlands offers plenty of things to do during the day. If you can call yourself a gourmand, this location comes with outstanding food and wine. The activities are suitable for families as well – visiting the Urbia valley, the Aralar park, the ancient ruins and the many shepherds’ huts.

  • Vorarlberg, Austria

For a campsite activity, you should choose Vorarlberg in Austria. If you and your family love activities in open spaces, then this place is recommended. Vorarlberg is known as a place for fun-loving families which are ready for an adventure. Choose one of the five valleys and summits of Vorarlberg and enjoy the sight at 600 meters above the sea. Don’t forget to rent some bikes if you’re looking for some adrenaline and visit the Lünersee crater lake. A few kilometers away, you can visit the Feldkirch medieval town.