Unique Microwave Ovens Which Will Add a Touch of Style to Your Kitchen

Unique Microwave Ovens Which Will Add a Touch of Style to Your Kitchen

If you don’t like the regular microwave ovens that come in trivial designs with no contribution to the overall aspect of your kitchen, you will be thrilled to discover these unique microwave ovens. Their innovative designs make them stand out and add a touch of style to your kitchen.

Kitchens stopped being boring a long time ago as the design trends and the available decorations started being more and more innovative and interesting. Thus, the appliances you use in your kitchen had to develop and bring a touch of style and innovation into the room, hence, these unique microwave ovens that can change the way your kitchen looks.

Kaya Future Microwave Oven

Perhaps the most interesting design is featured by this futuristic microwave oven that looks more like a floor lamp from outer space. It consists of a wide base that maintains its balance, a long curved leg, and a circular part where the food goes. The tall leg allows you to place the oven on the floor while its top will reach your table. This microwave doesn’t only look stunning, but it also uses some of the most advanced technologies that allow it to scan the food and tell you exactly what’s in your plate. You just put the plate in the oven and it will tell you when the food is getting burnt so you will know how to adjust the cooking time.

Proinjector Microwave Oven with Built-in Projector

Kitchens decorated in a modern style will be perfectly completed by this futuristic microwave oven that combines looks and functionality. If you like to look inside the microwave while it’s cooking the food, you will love the idea of this microwave oven with a built-in projector that displays a large-scale image of the food cooking inside the oven. This way, you will no longer have to sit in front of the microwave oven and open the door to see what is the status of the food since you can watch the food from a safer distance. The design is also a spectacular one, resembling a circular capsule sustained by tiny legs with a large glass window and the projector placed on top.

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Microwave Oven

If there is something that adds style to a kitchen is a black microwave oven with delicate silver insertions for an elegant touch, such as the sleek Nostalgia Electrics model available in red or black. This retro unit allows you to complement the design of your kitchen with its unique appearance decorated with retro-style accents like the oval window or the chrome accents. The vintage aspect is enhanced by the high performance of this spacious microwave oven that offers all the necessary features for the best cooking experience.

Like it goes with all appliances, keep in mind that features are always more important than the design. As such, no matter how amazing these microwaves look, make sure to check out their features and their efficiency before investing in either one of them. For that purpose, go to, a great website which will help you compare the specifications of the most popular microwave ovens.