Unique shoes for individual styles

Unique shoes for individual styles


If we consider the fact that important moments in history had a major role in the way people have dressed throughout the years, we should not be amazed by the variety of fashion styles that have appeared all over the world. From classic and casual, elegant and bohemian, artsy and sporty to rocker and gothic, fashion allows everyone to express their individuality and to differentiate themselves in a certain way. However, in order to approach any of these styles, you need extensive knowledge regarding the combination of certain items and the most representative details that will help you stand out. Moreover, you have to discover stores that offer unique products in order to create an individual style. For instance, Dr Martens shoes from Spartoo definitely represent a piece that will perfectly complete your free and rebellious spirit. Especially, if you wish to experiment different styles, you need a store that provides a wide range of options.


Rocker and gothic

When they hear about any of these two styles, everybody thinks about a black outfit from head to toe. Indeed, black is the main color, but according to the person in question’s personality and music genre like alternative rock, punk rock and post-punk, the style changes. However, leather, denim and studs are the most suitable elements and the most common piece of clothing is a t-shirt with the favorite band’s name or picture. For gothic, tight, intricate and ripped clothing, black distinctive boots and a multitude of accessories have the purpose to create mystery and depict morbidity.

Girly and bohemian

We can describe the bohemian style as a combination of hippie and gipsy considering the clothes with complex and wild patterns, the presence of chains and fringes. Brown cowboy boots are essential in order to complete such an outfit. Women that embrace a girly style usually wear vintage dresses with lace inserts, flowers and hearts. The most popular colors are pale, such as white and pink. Subtle accessories represent an indispensable touch that completes every outfit and highlight the romantic spirit. Nevertheless, if you want to add a different element in order to obtain a unique look, you can eliminate the elegant shoes from the picture and combine a lovely dress with a pair of dark shoes or boots thus creating an eye-catching contrast.

Classic and casual

Classic never dies and represents one of the most popular styles people choose if they do not wish to experiment with their outfits and instead, they intend to maintain a clean look while casual is the perfect choice for the daily routine. Returning to the classic style, we all know that is the ideal option if you do not invest great amounts of money in your clothing and footwear every time the trends change, which is quite often. In addition, you can combine a classic pair of shoes with any outfit and be certain that you look amazing. When it comes to the casual style, a simple approach is recommended. For instance, a tee and a pair of pants with a purse, if necessary and some comfortable sneakers are the perfect outfit for the day.