Useful tips for cleaning hardwood floors – products to use

Useful tips for cleaning hardwood floors – products to use

People who have chosen to install hardwood floors in their house should know how difficult it is to maintain them clean. They have to bear in mind certain aspects in order not to deteriorate the floor. It is advisable to opt for professional suppliers in order to make sure you benefit from high quality cleaning products. There are many companies that provide cleaning supplies on the marketplace and The Cleaning Warehouse is only one good example of them. In order to take care of your hardwood floor accordingly, you might want to read some useful tips below.

Choose professional cleaning products

It is important to resort to professional cleaning products, especially when it comes to hardwood flooring. In case you want to maintain its good condition for a longer period, you should learn what the best cleaning products are. Make some research on the Internet and find what experts recommend regarding this matter.

Vacuum the floor weekly

A proper vacuum is another thing you have to do for maintaining a floor clean and in good condition. Bear in mind that you should not attach rotating brushes or beater bars to your vacuum, because these might scratch and deteriorate the finish. You can use other softer attachments instead, such as a softer brush or a felt surface.

Keep water away

It is commonly known that water can cause a lot of damage to hardwood flooring. This is the reason why you should wipe out any drain of water as soon as it reaches the floor. If the water manages to penetrate the floor and reaches deep into the wood, it might stain it and it might affect its good condition and appearance.

Use no-wax wood floor cleaners

It can happen for the floor to become dirty, especially if you have children in the house. It is advisable to keep a mop somewhere in the hall closet or in other place where you can reach it quickly when you need it. This way, you can clean the dirt right away and you eliminate any chance for the floor finish to be damaged.

Use some doormats or rugs to protect your floor

Another good method to protect your hardwood flooring from being damaged is to opt for some rugs that you can place in high-traffic areas in your house. Even if you clean the floor in that area regularly and you take great care of it, having to pass several times a day across that area would eventually lead to damaging the hardwood floor. You can prevent this from happening by placing a nice-looking rug.

All in all, these are only a few tips and tricks that you should keep in mind in order to maintain your hardwood floor in good condition for as long as possible. It is important to use only professional cleaning supplies to benefit from the best results. Moreover, choosing the right supplier is also important, so you should make sure you purchase cleaning products from a trust-worthy source.