Want happy and active elders? Introduce them to the world of blogging

Want happy and active elders? Introduce them to the world of blogging

This might sound a bit odd, but what other activities somebody in their ’70 might have? They are left with little after a certain age and many seem to grow bitter. Watching television is something they frequently do, but the subjects are grim sometimes. Why not introduce them to the world of Internet and give them an activity? Elders are still good learners and they can easily find in blogging, let’s say a passion. Examples are for sure, as you can see, this blog based on life after 70 blog being one of those. Keeping elder’s mind alert is essential for them to have a healthy mind and a satisfied life. And what better way to manage this if not by writing? Expressing yourself is a good way to get rid of emotional stress, and honestly, elderly have so much to say. Not only having a blog might benefit them, but also it will be entertaining for their readers to learn about their experiences. However, below are some reasons to teach the elders in your family to use the Internet and a blogging platform.

1. It will fill their time

Let’s be honest. Elders have plenty of time on their hands. They are constantly alone and watching television. This might make them feel depressed, especially if their families are at a considerable distance from them. Next weekend you might want to teach them how to use a blogging platform and get to work. They’ll have a constant preoccupation and the fact that they are constantly doing something with their time might help them have a different perception on life and their utility.

2. It will keep their mind alert

Besides bringing them newspapers to read in order to keep their minds alert, you should consider teaching them how to blog. Watching television is not putting their minds to a lot of work. Blogging is requiring a certain level of research on different topics, regardless of the fact your elder has a cuisine blog, a literary one or an opinion blog. The important aspect for them is to put their minds to constantly work. Just like a muscle, our brains tend to shrink if we don’t exercise them. Be a happy and healthy individual and make sure they are using their brains in a constructive way.

3. They will surely remember what they did in the last period

Oftentimes, writing down in the only way we can remember what we did or need to do. Elders seem to have a bigger problem with it comes to memory and this is a natural process. However, if you encourage them to have a diary type of blog, they will find it easier to remember certain things and events. This way, they won’t be confused anymore.

You can see the number of ways having a blog as an elder can help you keep an active mind, be happier and more pleased with your life. Moreover, you can occupy that time you have on your hands.