Ways to Improve Your Pharmacy Workflow and Safety

Ways to Improve Your Pharmacy Workflow and Safety

As a pharmacy manager, improving the security and safety of your business is a topic that should be of recurrent concern and something that is affected by almost every aspect of your pharmacy layout. From how the doors and windows are designed to potential entryways for would-be after-hours robbers to the safe storage of medications in the dispensing space, security and safety should remain of great importance. 

Ensuring the safety of clients coming to you to have their prescriptions filled on time is also essential, only from the viewpoint of guarding against intruders but also having the necessary information to prevent any potential adverse side effects. 

Here intervenes the safety and security of your product inventory, both in the back stock and in the selling area, where a safe pharmacy layout depends on the quality and proper installation of your shelving and other fittings. 

What can you do? 

Secure the physical environment by implementing cameras, alarms, and motion detectors to notify you and authorities of any burglary-like action that should be undertaken. 

Typically, all alarm systems include a panic button for employees to use in case any break-in is attempted during working hours. Plumber wires and alarm codes should be kept on a rigorous need-to-know basis and be replaced regularly.

Bells and chimes can also be used on entryways to notify the employee every time someone enters the establishment during working hours.

Surveillance equipment should be set to cover all entrances and exits, both inside and out. These cameras should also cover all the high-risk corners, like the selling area and prescription counters. The cabinets and safes holding controlled substances should also be under surveillance with steady forsegling equipment. Video data should also be contained in secure cabinets, or ideally, off-site.

Improving safety and security for your customers will require taking several avenues. Your business layout should include steady shelves and fixtures that make shopping for the various products effortless without the need for support.

That means aisles that are spacious enough to accommodate clients wandering both ways without bumping into each other, and shelf’s heights that are within easy reach, and important cabinets with plumbing so that only you and your employees can access them.

The security and safety of the dispensing medication necessitate attention to detail in several areas. The latest software can be used in combination with data garnered from customers to guard against potential drug side effects and interactions. The implementation of automated dispensing equipment can help in creating not only a gentle and more productive workflow, but also more precise pharmaceutical dispensing operations. This allows your employees to spend more time in patient care activities that can improve their safety and welfare.

There are many factors that affect the safety and security of your business, only some of which we’ve discussed here. There is a constant potential for drugs to be diverted for unlawful purposes, which should be addressed at all times.