What Makes a Good Under Sink Water Filter

What Makes a Good Under Sink Water Filter

Not sure which are the particularities that make an under sink water filter truly efficient and practical? I this case, you should read this article because you will discover some of the things that make a good under sink water filter so you will know what to look for when you decide to shop for one.

The under sink water filter is a great addition to your household as it can ensure a higher quality of the water you use for many purposes. As with any other of your purchases, you will have to know some details that influence the quality of the product, so here are some aspects that make a good under sink water filter.

The type of filtration it is based on

You will definitely want to buy a water filter that can eliminate a wide range of contaminants so you will be sure the water you use is perfectly clean and safe. For this, you will have to take a look at the type of filtration the under sink water filter uses in order to determine the number of impurities it can eliminate. The activated carbon water filter is among the most efficient because it can eliminate very small particles that other filtration types fail to eliminate and it can also handle the unpleasant chlorine odor tap water usually has. WaterChef U9000, for instance, a highly appreciated unit that we’ve first seen on Waterfilters.Systems, uses a combination of three types of filters that eliminate solid residues, take care of the unpleasant smell and taste of the water, and kill dangerous bacteria without ridding the water of the good minerals. This filter is, by far, one of the best we have found in our survey on waterfilters.system and we strongly recommend that you use it.
You can also opt for a reverse osmosis type of filter that uses a semi-permeable membrane to capture large impurities from the water. According to the information provided by the WaterFilter.Best review, this type of filtration is available for under sink filters that consist of several filter cartridges that combine their abilities to remove water contaminants. This ensures a wider efficiency and excellent results in removing up to 99% of the impurities in the water.

The ease of installation and maintenance

A good under sink water filter should be easy to install without the help of a professional plumber that will charge you extra. When you buy an under sink filter, check it’s installation scheme and make sure it comes with all the necessary fittings and components so you will be able to install it it very easy. Most of the under sink water filters only require connecting them to the main water pipe, but others might need professional help if you have a dishwasher connection or a waste disposal installed as well. Also, a good water filter is easy and cheap to maintain, so take a look at the type of filter cartridges it uses, how often they need to be replaced, and how much they cost.

The features it is equipped with

When you buy an under sink water filter, pay attention to the features it comes with, as they range from model to model. Some water filters only include the basic package consisting of the filter itself and a faucet that delivers the water, but other include some additional features that extend its functionality. You should look for under sink water filters that include an auto shut-off valve that keeps the tank from overflowing when it is filled with water, or a water flood alarm that lets you know if the water filter is leaking and shuts down the filter in order to prevent damage. Another useful feature is the helpful indicator that informs you when it’s time to replace the filter’s cartridges.

The price range

Quality usually costs, so you will want to purchase a water filter made by a reliable manufacturer that guarantees excellent results for a long period of time. Some customers are attracted by the low price of under sink water filters, but they overlook the aspect of the durability and reliability of the product. Still, you can find very good models that don’t imply a large investment, but for this, you will have to do some research.