What Makes a Tower Fan Better than a Circular Fan?

What Makes a Tower Fan Better than a Circular Fan?

Since they first appeared, tower fans have increased in popularity rapidly due to their capabilities, but if you want to buy one you must first inform yourself what exactly makes a tower fan better than other types of fans. If you want to find out why a tower fan is better than a circular fan, read this article and your question will be answered.

Everyone should own at least one cooling device which they can use when the hot summer weather comes, making it feel unbearable to sit inside the house without having one to help cool the atmosphere.
There are many cooling devices out there that you can choose from, but one of them sticks out more than the others, that cooling device being the tower fan.
If you are curious to find out why a tower fan is a better choice than a circular fan for dealing with the heat waves that invade your home during summer, you should read the following lines to see for yourself.

Better design

The first thing that everyone notices when they see a tower fan is its interesting design.
No matter what model we are talking about, these cooling devices are definitely the most stylish and space saving of all, bringing you functionality while enhancing the overall appearance of the room that you place them in.
One of the best tower fans available when it comes to its design is definitely the Dyson AM07. This blade-less tower fan is not only a great cooling device to go with, but it can be seen as the perfect decoration for any room, bringing it style due to its futuristic look.

Useful options and features

The main reason why tower fans are overall better than circular fans is because they have many useful and interesing options and features that make them give better results.
One of the most important features that most modern tower fans have is the ionizer feature. The models that come with this feature give you the advantage of owning both a cooling device and an air purifier in only one device.
The ionizer basically emits charged ions that clean the air by attracting dust and other impurities found in the air and causing them to sink down to the floor where they no longer present a big threat to the people who inhabit the house.
Another great feature that most tower fans come with is the fact that they are able to oscillate, cooling the air a lot faster if you turn on the oscillation option. Why would you even need a circular fan when you can have a tower fan that oscillates?
When it comes to ease in use, tower fans are definitely the best option for those who don’t like to complicate themselves too much to change speeds and choose different settings, and this is all due to the fact that most tower fans come with remote controls.
If you want to cool the room that you or your child sleep in, you definitely want a cooling device that can be whisper quiet, and the circular fans are notorious noise makers. Tower fans win again because they all have options and features that make them operate silently, therefore being the best option for the bedroom, where it needs to be quiet, especially at night.

As you can see, tower fans have far more options than circular fans. It you find it too complicated to compare the features of different tower fans, visit the site. You will find helpful tower fan reviews there which will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different tower fans, so that you can choose the best one.